How Can i Create my own Name Servers at Domain Registrar.

1. Before these DNS entries will function, you must login to your domain control panel to change your nameservers.
2. After logging in, navigate to your domain's nameserver settings. Your registrar should have an option for you to register nameservers through them. Unless you're hosting your own DNS (which will not be covered in this tutorial), you must register your nameservers with the domain registrar.
3. Add '' and '', corresponding with the IP addresses you assigned earlier.
4. After you've registered your nameservers, please change's nameservers to the ones you just created (i.e ns1 and
5. After doing so, your domain's nameservers should update. Please note: DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours before it is fully complete.
6 For all other domains on your server, unless you've specifically given them a private IP/nameservers, should be using and

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