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How to Get the Best Cloud Hosting Plan for your website?

Web hosting is the unseen foundation of the internet as every website you visit is hosted somewhere. Your website will need hosting too, and the best option available for you is cloud hosting India. Rather than being attached to one server, cloud hosting pulls its resources from several sources to create a virtual server instead.

With shared hosting, if the server goes down, your website goes down whereas if a cloud server goes down, other servers in the network pick up the slack. Cloud hosting gives you an excellent balance between affordability and power.

Selecting the best cloud hosting India plan is a tiresome task because different hosting providers offer different features & benefits. When you are evaluating a cloud web host, these are the factors that you should take into consideration.

Scalable Resources

You should make sure that you get a cloud hosting plan with enough bandwidth, storage, and disc space. In order to make this conclusion, you have to find out how much traffic you’re going to get. But usually, new websites face a common dilemma when they are looking for a hosting plan.

They need to decide whether they want to get the highest possible bandwidth, even if they won’t come close to exceeding those limits. Or should they begin with a lower bandwidth plan and upgrade as their traffic starts to increase? Cloud hosting solves this dilemma as your website is hosted on multiple servers; you need not worry about exceeding bandwidth. If one server is maxed out, you can always pull resources from another.

You should go for a Best cloud hosting plan that lets you easily manage and configure your server resources in-real time.


Traditional web hosting plans need you to pay a fixed monthly rate. You’ll be charged this amount even if you don’t use all of the resources on the server. On the other hand, cloud hosting is much more flexible in terms of pricing. So we recommend a hosting provider that charges you based on the resources that you actually use. Rather than upgrading your entire plan, you can just increase the resources required during that traffic spike and put everything back to normal when your traffic levels out.

Speed and Performance

Speed, performance and uptime rates need to be a priority for every website owner. If your hosting plan doesn’t deliver the best performance, then it doesn’t matter how cool, new, or high-tech the solution is. The majority of cloud hosting servers will increase the capacity of your website, which boosts your page loading speed. Cloud hosting doesn’t put as much strain on a particular server, the same way it would if you had a shared, dedicated, or VPS plan. If your website has lots of resource-intensive data such as videos, images, and other media content, then cloud hosting is something that you need to get the benefit of. By prioritizing these things mentioned above with cloud hosting, your website will ultimately perform better from the user end.


No matter what type of web hosting plan you have, security always needs to be a priority. Luckily, cloud hosting is known to be very safe. That’s because your website is isolated from any potential problems with a physical server. Everything is being handled remotely, which wouldn’t be the case if you were relying on a singular server that’s hosted locally. So prefer a web host that offers any additional security protection as an incentive with your cloud hosting plan.


Cloud web hosting is the ideal solution for growing websites. If your shared hosting plan can no longer accommodate the requirements of your site, then you should consider switching to a cloud solution. So what’s the best cloud hosting provider? It depends on what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider, you should start here with NextraOne.

NextraOne – The Trusted Web Hosting Company in India

NextraOne has managed to gain a high level of reputation among its customers by offering quality web solutions for affordable rates. NextraOne offers a wide range of cheap cloud hosting India plans and also on all its server-based hosting plans. All these plans include a range of hosting features, which is hard to find with other hosting service providers.


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