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How To Recognize The Right Colocation Service Provider?

Identifying the ideal colocation service provider is a complicated decision for many organizations. They must consider both their current and future data requirements as well as how colocating will affect their existing IT resources and customer services. In the long run, Colocation Data Center offers incredible flexibility & savings, especially for the companies that might not be in the condition to build and maintain their own data facilities.

The decision, therefore, is not so easy as to entrust a third party with the security of your mission-critical applications by any stretch of the imagination. You need to properly evaluate your own IT infrastructure and how much you need to pay for ranks, cabinets, power, security, and bandwidth among other services. Furthermore, companies should make sure that their choice turns out to be the precise one and the colocation data center service provider they select has the essential infrastructure and expertise to take proper care of their servers and networking equipment. A service provider should be chosen which guarantees paramount security, reliability, and highly redundant network and infrastructure.

If you search a colocation services provider or any other related term in the search box of Google or any other search engine and within a second you will see names of dozens of service providers each claiming to be better than the best. They promise you the sky and the moon but you know well that all cannot be as good as they claim to be. This is essential as finding the ideal service provider who can provide service that syncs with your IT requirements.

Keeping these factors in mind, we shall discuss below a few of the significant aspects in which you should pay close attention to select the right colocation service provider.

Sound global and local footprint

Always look for a colocation data center service provider that has a strong presence both inside and abroad and caters to both local and global organizations operating across various industries.  Having a strong global and local footprint is good since it offers you the potential to quickly expand into international markets. A good local presence is also essential to take good care of your networking equipment and server within your country of residence.

Proximity to your organization

The nearness of the data center is better for your business. Your IT team can promptly reach the location to fix any errors and thus enabling you to get quickly back on your feet. For example, a popular e-commerce website, which receives lakhs of traffic on a daily basis, cannot afford long-lasting downtime as it can lead to a huge loss in sales. Also, they can easily travel to the data center for server and other hardware inspection. Therefore, selecting a data center closer to your company’s location leads to lower latency which leads to better performance.

High level of reliability

Data centers that do not guarantee maximum uptime are not worth a second glance. Consistency and reliability of a data center are measured in terms of uptime norms. The Tier classification system is also a good way to measure the reliability of a data center colocation service provider. These data centers are generally preferred by companies that understand the value of uptime and the loss of any disturbance in business continuity could do their overall reputation and sales. These data centers ensure that each and every component needed to support the IT processing environment can be shut down without impacting the IT operation.


NextraOne is one of the most reliable and well-known colocation services providers. Its state of art Tier III data center located at Gurgaon provide fast and efficient colocation services for private and business applications & websites. NextraOne offers highly powerful, flexible and dependable data center colocation services in India having higher levels of network connectivity, low latency and better security. If you want to learn more about colocation services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon or discuss your requirements, feel free to talk to the team at NextraOne. We will be glad to assist you.


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