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Common Myths About Dedicated Hosting Busted

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is a dedicated slab of hardware, absolutely reserved for the requirements of a specific online project. A dedicated server is a more flexible and powerful form of web hosting, as organizations get root access over the server, including choice of the operating system, hardware, etc. and also the number of users they want to serve.

The Shared hosting, VPS server hosting, Cloud server hosting and Dedicated server hosting are prevailed names roaming around the gallery of organizations. The pricing and structural modules of these servers differ in a distinct format.

Each type of server deals with its own story, swinging around the drawn misconceptions. The experts working in the domain gives their cent-percentage input to debunk the baseless myths floating around the installation of the dedicated server.

Knowing about a Dedicated Server hosting?

The Dedicated server hosting is exclusively responsible for carrying the network and computer system of an entire organization, without merging with the neighboring server. The data center in India designed for dedicated server hosting completely belongs to the particular organization for hosting the websites. The Dedicated servers are generally employed by matured organizations and MNCs due to its high installation price, working to mould progression in the favor of its domain.

Dedicated server hosting myths

Dedicated hosting offers a set of advantages as compared to other types of hosting. The undoubted perks and high Dedicated server pricing, often gives the rise to the bucket of misconceptions mingling around the dedicated server hosting India.

Let’s have a look at common myths and misconceptions which need to be debunked.

Misconception: A client will not have full control of the server

This myth is considered one of the major myths falling for the Dedicated Server. The rumor calls for the loss of control over the hardware of the server. It further gives an opinion regarding the complete dissolution of the data center and power at the clientele’s end. Whereas the fact is that the one is having support and access to the resources of the server and its solutions as well.

Misconception: Dedicated server hosting is very expensive

Primarily, the dedicated server price in India was high as compared to other server hosting options available in the market. But the changing trends and time have given the absolute makeover to the pricing chart of the dedicated hosting. These days, the dedicated hosting is available in a range of variety, which can further be customized as per the requirement of the organization. There are the numbers of cheap dedicated server hosting plans available in the market, fulfilling the requirements of every business size with a guaranteed precision rate.

Misconception: It Requires the Tech-Savvy skillset

The basic knowledge of scientific and technical skills just adds glitters to the framing of an organization and server. The administrator only needs to acquire basic info regarding IT systems. One can easily operate the services pertaining to the applications of the server. As a result, the misconception lying around the required skill set is busted with data satisfying the implementation and usage of the dedicated server hosting.

Misconception: Dedicated servers and VPS servers are alike

While, the bandwidth and storage range on a similar scale for these servers, differentiating with the presence on space of the server. The Dedicated server acquires the complete physical server, allocated in the data center of an organization.

On the contrary, the VPS server marks its presence on virtual belvedere and sharing the servers with a set of hosts, each distinguished from each other through private cells. Also, the VPS doesn’t guarantee the growth, as may get prohibited from installing the modules and software.

Misconception: Maintenance & security of a dedicated server is Tough

Clients are often mistaken that huge data center set-up requires an attentive task for maintaining the same. The misconception needs to debunked, as the professional working at a corporation has nothing to do with lifting or shifting heavy equipment. The responsibility to maintain the services & security of the data center and server lies at the end of the server hosting provider, paid for the same.


The dedicated server hosting is one of the most capable servers, fulfilling the core objectives of an organization driving it to the futuristic way of gaining the maximum rate of profit. One can avail the choice for best-dedicated server India as per its requirement of operating system i.e; Windows and Linux Dedicated Server.

Why choose NextraOne?

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If you’re ready to explore the options and want to avail best-dedicated server price in India, log on to, we’re ready to lead you in the best direction for your future. Partner with NextraOne now and help make a better internet for everyone.


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