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Enjoy the ease of business management with a Dedicated Server Hosting

Millions of users are online at any given moment. They are sharing more data and making use of more services than at any other time before.  In this scenario, large data centers are sitting ahead of the curve - and for good reasons.

Dedicated server hosting, plugs the shortcomings of cloud, by offering full control, abundant disk space, cheap bandwidth and most of all by delivering high performance. What’s more, some clients are cautious of storing data in a virtual environment, and for them physical servers give a sense of security. The importance of a top-notch data center for dedicated server hosting cannot be underestimated. 

The role of a data center is to house the entire infrastructure, including networking equipment to run and manage servers. Without a data center, even a small task of sending a simple inquiry would not be possible. It is, for this reason, there are thousands of data centers across the globe. However data centers today have to be powerful and all-inclusive to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Factors to consider while selecting dedicated server hosting include:

What you are getting in how much?

All said the providers' cost must fit into a budget. Even though the price is not a dominant consideration, other features must fit the specific needs of the user enterprise. If the service provider delivers services as per SLAs (service-level agreements), then dedicated hosting will prove its value for money in the long run. After all, SLAs are promises that are made for exchange for monetary considerations. 

What is the reputation of the service provider?

It is essential to know what others and their clients are saying about the dedicated server hosting provider. Most of the service providers promise the best, in terms of value, performance and technical support. But genuine feedback from an existing or past user is the best benchmark to judge a dedicated server hosting India service provider. 

What is the hardware quality of the hosting service provider?

Business applications run the whole year round the clock and hence must perform on hardware that is the best available. The last thing a client wants to experience is a component failure, causing an interruption in service. Also, when it comes to hosting, security can precede all other needs. Thus,    dedicated server hosting is a notch above all other hosting options. 

Wrapping up

Wondering if hosting your website on a shared server is worth the risk? Well, it’s high time you should switch to a dedicated server. A cheap dedicated server India is a suitable choice for a business that has outgrown its boundaries to the traditional shared hosting. And at NextraOne, we provide affordable options that help in the expansion of your business instead of limiting its scope for growth by providing the best possible hosting arrangement for your business needs.

Why choose NextraOne?

NextraOne offers affordable and robust dedicated servers that are equipped with enhanced configurations & the latest hardware. At NextraOne, we provide 24/7 technical support, fast hardware deployment, and the best uptime for the website to our customers. Our cheap dedicated server helps in managing high traffic portals, ensures faster loading time, increased security and enhanced user experience. Also, our state-of-the-art data center and hosting services ensure that your website never faces another hitch.

If you’re ready to explore the options and want to avail best-dedicated server price in India, log on to, we’re ready to lead you in the best direction for your future. Partner with NextraOne now and help make a better internet for everyone.


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