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What exactly is a Dedicated Server Hosting? A beginner’s guide

You have noticed that your application or website has been running slow. You have a decent hosting service provider, at least you thought you did, but you come to find out that you’re using shared hosting.

In fact, there are other people within your server hogging all of the resources that you didn’t know you were sharing in the first place. Now your hosting service provider is recommending a dedicated server as that will resolve the issues. But what precisely is a dedicated server and how does this compare with what you thought was working fine?

Dedicated Server Definition, In Brief

A dedicated server is a computer that is set aside for a particular task, such as hosting a resource-intensive website or application. Dedicated servers can take various forms. With a dedicated server, the server is reserved explicitly on a network for your application or website.

In shared hosting, your website or app is struggling for resources with an indefinite number of other software applications. This creates a potential situation where you start to experience slow-down or lag from someone else. These additional websites and apps may use resources that your app or site needs.

When speaking about dedicated servers with hosting service provider, the service provider sets aside one server (or a single machine) to handle the workload the website or application needs. Managed servers give you access to your very own private cloud and give you the flexibility of cloud hosting but with the added security and speed of your own resource center.

Benefits to Dedicated Servers:

There are many benefits to using dedicated servers.

  • Speed and agility: Your websites and applications have the advantage of being able to use all the resources on the server, without battling for resources with other applications.
  • Security: You are not likely to have your websites and programs hacked because your sites and data exist outside of a public cloud and may be able to put into effect more security measures.
  • Control:  In some instances, a dedicated server allows more control over your hardware & software.
  • Scalability: You can request for more CPUs, more extensive networks, and more disk space if your website or applications need them. You can also upgrade to a faster and larger server that can handle the workload your websites & applications need.
  • Customizable: Since you are renting the server, you can have it set up any way you’d like.

Should You Go With a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers, by nature, have actual hardware & software dedicated to website or application of any business. The question business owners may ask is if they should go with a dedicated server hosting or if they should stay with shared hosting? At first, many business owners opt for shared or other servers because of the attractive price. On the other hand, the choice becomes obvious when their website or app bog down due to heavy resource usage & high traffic. Often, they find themselves scrambling for better solutions when they should have chosen a dedicated server in the first place.

Businesses that have sensitive data or must comply with government regulations need to choose a dedicated server to decrease the potential risks to their data and possible loss of revenue and hefty fines. Any company that wants control over scalability and customization should consider using a dedicated business server over a cloud server or a shared server. In the long run, a Dedicated server hosting India may be beneficial for any business that works in E-commerce or requires agility on the web.

Wrapping up

Wondering if hosting your website on a shared server is worth the risk? Well, it’s high time you should switch to a dedicated server. A cheap dedicated server India is a suitable choice for a business that has outgrown its boundaries to the traditional shared hosting. And at NextraOne, we provide affordable options that help in the expansion of your business instead of limiting its scope for growth by providing the best possible hosting arrangement for your business needs.

Why choose NextraOne?

NextraOne offers affordable and robust dedicated servers that are equipped with enhanced configurations & the latest hardware. At NextraOne, we provide 24/7 technical support, fast hardware deployment, better failover and the best uptime for the website to our customers. Our dedicated server help manage high traffic portals, ensures faster loading time, increased security and enhanced user experience. Also, our state-of-the-art hosting services ensure that your website never faces another hitch.

If you’re ready to explore the options and want to avail best-dedicated server price in India, log on to, we’re ready to lead you in the best direction for your future. Partner with NextraOne now and help make a better internet for everyone.


Author: Mukul Dixit

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