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SSL Certificate

5 Reasons Why Website Needs A SSL Certificate

We all think personally to be in the safe zone when we observe the small green padlock saying ‘Secure’ while opening up our favorite website. You are not the only one who feels secure. Most of our favorite websites nowadays come with the ‘Secure’ padlock and it is secure in the true sense of the term. Not only our favorite websites but even the small websites, which you can search come up with ‘Secure’ on the address bar. It is achievable with the guidance of an SSL certificate on your website. Having the cheapest SSL certificate for website has its advantages.

What happens is that, with the assistance of an SSL, the data and information between your visitor and also the website is encrypted, so that nobody in the middle can snoop any packet. If you are preparing to open your new website and this too for free, indications are there you have thought of installing an SSL certificate on your website. You must be spending to get your domain name and a good quality hosting.

 But, without an SSL certificate on your website, you might be deprived of the minimum traffic at least 2020 and in the coming years for sure. It is not only good for getting traffic, but there are also several reasons, you should get an SSL certificate on your website. You can easily get Best SSL certificate for website from providers like NextraOne to keep your website safe. 

5 Reasons Why Website Needs an SSL Certificate?

1. An SSL Certificate Make The Visitors Confident About Your Website

As we already said, the users feel to be in the same position, with the ‘Secure’ just alongside the address bar. It will make the visitors think your website is a genuine and reliable one, and they will not hesitate to share the personal information and data on your website. The way most browsers negotiate websites without an SSL certificate can even obtain the non-tech-savvy users leap out of your website.

2.    An SSL Certificate Better Search Engine Optimization 

If you are an SEO enthusiast, you need to know how important it is to get an SSL for your website. Google ranks websites including an SSL certificate better than those which doesn’t own one. One of the basic principles for getting more traffic and better SEO is to have an SSL certificate for a website. Although we have seen websites without SSL having the first rank, it is just simply one among 1,000. Without an SSL certificate, your website will rank but will be poorly, if said in a nutshell. Thus, having an SSL certificate is one of the necessities for maintaining good SEO and ultimately gets more traffic.

3.    An SSL Certificate Better Security Of Data

Data security is a significant aspect when you are receiving personal data about your visitors. For such purposes, as well as an SSL certificate can give you a better representation. With an SSL certification, all the data within you and your visitor will remain encrypted as we already said, and there will be scarce chances for other hackers to steal data while it is getting conveyed.

4.    An SSL Certificate The User Data Security Burdens

In case something wrong appears with the website, and the personal data and information of the users get leaked or stolen, it will be you, who will responsible/liable for the complete mess. But with an SSL certificate, you can be on the more protected side. Not only to keep you, and the visitor’s data safe and secured. But also in case of any kind of conviction, you can at least say, your website had an SSL certificate with the individual endeavor to protect user data and information.

5.    An SSL Certificate Protection From Phishing

Having an SSL certificate on your website protects and secures your website from phishing attacks. Though most phishing websites now even come with SSL certificates and implement an HTTPS connection, there are some, who don’t. Thus, having an SSL certificate can continue protecting the visitors of your website from phishing.


SSL certificate, in short, is something that is something basic for your website in 2020. Even there are some companies, who can give free SSL certificates for your websites, for a limited time. This can assist you to start your business without considering the investments of the SSL certificate at that platform. There are no reasons to not have an SSL certificate, for whatever kind of a website you have. Nextraone provides the best SSL certificate in India to keep your website and visitors' data safe and secure.


Author: Mukul Dixit

Mukul Dixit is a marketing enthusiast, believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of writing for different organizations globally, he understands the need to craft tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong, and create an impact. He mostly writes what he deeply perceives, it is his way of unwinding. He is an avid reader, loves to explore new locations, and wishes to contribute to the society by enlightening the world.

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