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Marketing Emails Going To Spam? Find Out the Reasons

Striving to get great returns from your email marketing campaigns? Facing the issue of low open rates? The reason could be the emails are looping up in the receiver's spam folders.

It is a very essential part of marketing emails to make the mails reach the inbox so that the email campaigns get successful. What is the main motive of email campaigns?

Familiarizing customers, drawing their attention towards your product. Basically, generating more revenue for the business. But how will it be possible with emails dropping in the spam folder?

Email sending is a very complex process and requires the best practices to understand why your email marketing campaigns are not paying off.

Why Emails Go to Spam Instead of Inbox:

The survey states that now the inbox placement rate of the emails is 83% which means roughly 1 out of every 6 emails get failed to reach the inbox.

But be very clear, this 83% is not easy to achieve.

Most of the emails are blocked on the gateway and never get to reach the spam folder or inbox folder. So this means to accomplish the 83% you need to have an email marketing strategy to pass this gateway to have a high sender reputation, relevant content, and user engagement. When we speak of Effective Email Marketing is one of the most engaging communication tools for business in 2021.

Let's dive in with all reasons why emails end up in spam.

You Have A Poor Email Design:

First things first, what are you hoping to achieve with the email campaign? A click, right? Here when the design comes into the picture to refine your approach.

Make people click on your email just by one view.

If you really need to get a comprehensive strategy in the world of email design, then you should have a grip on your email design. A really good email design is an important aspect of the success or failure of the email marketing campaign. The emailer designs need to be compatible with all devices-mobiles and desktop.

No images don’t enable the businesses to track metrics, which means you will not be able to evaluate the success or failure of the campaign.  Take time for your campaigns so that it proves to be pivotal for your business growth.

You Don’t Have Permission From Recipients:

This is not a wonder that emails should be sent to those people who wish to receive them. This is one of the big mistakes that businesses make. One should get a reliable email list to enhance your deliverability. Not having a reliable bulk email list degrades the sender's reputation and also builds an opt-in list through your website.

People who haven't permitted you are more liable to report your email campaigns as spam, and thus they are not going to engage with your campaigns. It's for your best to have secure mail permission.

You Don’t Have The Target Audience:

As we know, Subscriber engagement plays a role in email deliverability. If you have low engagement rates then your email can be marked as spam.

Now, we know that marketers are seeking to increase their email listings to be as large as possible. And considering the significance of email marketing, they should be trying to improve their email list for more.

Rather than just getting more quantity of subscribers, you need to get the right quality of subscribers.

You Are Adding Misleading Links:

It's not a surprise that adding wrong links can get you in trouble as people mark these kinds of emails as spam. Your wrong links can get your mail spammy due to two things.

Firstly, you might be linking some websites that have copyright infringement or have malware. Secondly, the destination URL should match the display URL. For instance, if the display URL is but the targeted link is, this will drive away your customers.

The Bottom Line:

With these mistakes now you know why your hard work is not paying off. Luckily, a prominent email marketing service provider like NextraOne will help you out in finding the key to the success of your business. From the right target audience to authentication issues we are here to provide you the finest, cost-effective and productive Email Marketing solutions and pave your way to email marketing opportunities for your online business.


Author: Khyati Arora

Khyati Arora, an avid bibliophile who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff, and web development. Owing to her interest, she has been working as a “Content Specialist” at NextraOne. Being a Journalism graduate, she has a flair for technical writing but also likes to dabble in fiction and poetry. She is a voracious reader and loves to try new things.

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