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Basic Difference between Domain & Hosting

There is no doubt about the fact that technology can make people confused about its features and benefits. You need to have another level of interest in this field to get started. Well, yes! Technology is always an intrinsic subject where you need to have clarification first. It will encourage you to perform the technical flaws and access the system with ease. To understand this in a better way the difference between domain registration and web hosting is important to know.

Some people get confused on these terms and become a hindrance to delivering the best of the approach. What do you know about the domain name? It is the address to locate your website. And, what about the web hosting?? It is the back-end of your website that helps in keeping the business intact for the customers.

The purpose of the domain is to provide the location to the website which is known as the IP address. On the other hand, web hosting provides you with several hosting options for the smooth run of business.

Let us begin to understand the difference

Are domain names and web hosting related to each other?

The clear answer is NO. Both are different from each other but works for the benefit of the website. The domain helps the customer to find the address of the website. It is the reason you are required to extra attention when deciding the domain name. It should not be lengthy –and easy for the customer to understand because that will keep the name for the long run in mind. Also, the purpose of the domain name is to acknowledge the company’s idea that if you come up with a keyword added to the domain name, it can give you the best results.

Talking about the web hosting service, you get the platform to work with bandwidth, storage, uptime, and much more. This is an important aspect when it comes to managing the workload and the traffic of the online business. You need to be sure when it comes to managing the business online and that happens only when you are associated with companies like us.

Therefore, when you have to work for your domain creativity, and relatability are the two important factors. But when you are looking for web hosting services, the consideration of your business idea is a must.

Can you separately use the access of both?

You need to have access to both at the same time. Not just one, but there are many reasons to make things work for the best of the business. Web hosting and domain names are always important for the user to assess the authenticity of the business. The companies are upgrading themselves for the customer’s benefit, and that is why you can purchase both the services comes at an affordable pricing of web hosting.

Can you switch web hosting companies?

Yes, you can switch to a hosting company if you are not satisfied with the services of the other company. With NetxraOne, you can set your website goals in terms of pricing, benefits, and much more. You can easily make the smart move and pick the considerate option for the service.

Therefore, both services are extremely important to make the website successful.




Author: Prakriti Kanojia

Prakriti Kanojia, an avid bibliophile who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff, and web development. Owing to her interest, she has been working as a “Content Specialist” at NextraOne. Being a LSR Graduate, she has a flair for technical writing but also likes to dabble in fiction and poetry. She is a voracious reader and loves to try new things.

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