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How VPS Hosting is best For Increasing the Speed of Your Website?

This should not be a surprise that your web hosting plan and provider plays an important role in overall website performance. Although there are literally many variables responsible for the final speed of your site, if your business website is built upon an unreliable server, then your speed and performance will be equally unreliable.

If you are searching for a hosting platform capable of supporting your business, regardless of its size and function, perhaps it’s the right time to think outside of the box. Let’s have a look at how VPS hosting can have a positive impact on the speed of your website. Some of us can remember the old days of slow internet connections and how slow they were to load. But at present, internet speeds continue to get much faster and website load speed needs to keep up if sites want to be competitive with consumers.

Here is everything that you need to know about your website’s speed.    

Website Speed Statistics

At first, let’s have a look at some general figures regarding consumer behavior and websites. Webpage views are determined by the load speed. If a website loads quickly, it increases the odds that the visitors will browse the website and explore further into it.

  1. Approximately half of all website visitors (47%) will wait no more than 2-3 seconds for a website to load. If the website is not loaded in that time frame, they guess the site is down or not worth visiting and move on to a competitor’s website.
  2. Over three-fourths (79%) of consumers who shop online would not shop with a site a second time if they experienced an issue with the site, such as poor load time.
  3. Almost half of those same customers (44%) would tell their friends about their negative experience with a website, thus hurting future sales for the site.
  4. Every little bit helps. By increasing load time from 7 seconds down to 2 seconds, one website was able to increase page views by 25%. And as a result, this generated an almost 12% increase in sales.

Further Impacts by Page Speed

Always keep in mind that page load times are used by Google when they calculate a website’s search engine rankings. If a website takes too long to load, it will be placed lower on search engine results. On the whole, if you do not exist on the 1st page of website search engine results, your sales will greatly be Impacted. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of using everything at your disposal to make sure that your website ranks high. Load times are one of the important factors in this algorithm.

How web Hosting is Related to Speed

Your website’s load time relates to a few factors including memory & bandwidth usage. If you are using a shared hosting plan, then you have to split server resources with the other websites that are stored on your host’s server. If one of the websites is getting a traffic hike, then this can cause them to dominate the resources and slow down your website. Just a few instances of this can drive users away.

In order to avoid this, you can switch to a VPS (virtual private server)

VPS hosting India means that your website will still be on a shared server. But, this server will be partitioned into multiple virtual machines as if each were an independent dedicated server. You will have your own dedicated resources and won’t have to share these, meaning that your website will be more responsive and will load quickly.

The VPS Solution

In a brief, I would say that VPS offers great hosting options for all types of websites, particularly the ones with high web traffic. Virtual servers have made it possible for businesses to take advantage of many more resources without incurring any high overhead cost of having an in-house dedicated server.

VPS hosting is an effortless solution to make your website run faster. NextraOne is the best VPS hosting service provider that can set you up with a virtual private server that can offer you extensively faster load times. We at NextraOne offer cheap VPS hosting India with a maximum of 99.99% uptime, 24*7 support, top-notch infrastructure, DDoS protection, and much more so that you can calm down and concentrate on your business while we manage the technicalities.






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