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Linux hosting

Boost up the performance of your Business Website with Linux VPS

Nowadays, Web hosting has become very convenient with the innovation in the internet and advancement in the field of technology. Most of the business owners prefer to choose VPS hosting for their site. The main reason for selecting a VPS hosting is that it is faster and secure than a shared hosting plan. Apart from that, there are plenty of benefits that it offers over other hosting Instruments. VPS hosting is the best option to choose when it comes to flexibility, security, and performance.

Linux VPS hosting is the most sought after hosting solution by growing businesses due to its affordability & constancy. In VPS hosting there is the availability of a large spectrum of features and cost efficiency that makes Linux VPS a perfect hosting between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

The key benefit of Linux VPS hosting India is a complete absence of disturbing neighbors that may disrupt your hosting operations. Enhanced availability of resources is important for improved website performance. Similar to dedicated hosting, Linux VPS users are empowered with flawless root access and far greater resources than entry-level hosting including reseller hosting or shared hosting.

Cost-Effective Linux VPS Hosting

In view of the fact that Linux is an open-source operating system, users find it to be highly reasonable due to the absence of expenses for licensing and so forth. This is also the major reason why so many start-ups and small enterprises prefer using Linux VPS hosting over a dedicated server hosting.            

Remarkable Security

Linux VPS offers more peace of mind to its users because of the outstanding security of Linux. The main reason for the superior security of Linux distributions is the support of its extensive and active community, which is relentlessly engaged in stimulating the operating system with help of updates and security patches that are developed by members of the Linux community.

Linux web hosting also offers robust infrastructure that provides seamless protection from numerous viruses, malware, and spyware just to name a few. Therefore, Linux is the most preferred choice operating system for securing mission-critical data and applications from uninvited intruders.

Extensive Range of Design Tools

Whether you are planning to implement an operating system for designing or managing a business website, Linux has you covered since a huge array of open-source software tools operate seamlessly with the Linux software system. These programs include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and a number of open source applications that deliver exceptional performance when hosted via a Linux platform. Moreover, Linux supports many well-known common website development programs such as MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

Advanced Configurability

Your Linux hosting provider will help you in terms of an end to end support for your Linux operating system. This will smooth the progress of website owners to focus on their business priorities without getting hindered by technical glitches, server related issues or regarding the operating system.

Since Linux VPS hosting is considered as an intermediate hosting platform, it prepares users to move on to the next level of hosting. Moreover, the Linux VPS system allows users to design your own name servers instead of utilizing the ones provided by the Linux hosting service provider. This is particularly helpful for resellers who can configure exclusive client accounts for better branding of their businesses. In addition, it also facilitates movement to a new server without any hassles. Linux VPS can be the right choice for ensuring seamless configurability for users who need to manage several domains as well as websites.

So what’s the best Linux VPS hosting provider? It depends on what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a reliable hosting provider, you should start here with NextraOne.

NextraOne – The Trusted Web Hosting Company in India

NextraOne has gained a high level of reputation among its customers by offering quality web solutions at reasonable rates. NextraOne offers a wide range of cheap Linux reseller hosting plans and other server and cloud-based hosting plans. All these plans include a range of features, which is hard to find with other hosting service providers.


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