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How Digital Marketing Companies are Enabling Growth hacking for SMEs, MSMEs in India?

Digital technology has transformed the way people communicate throughout the world. This has led to a new way of marketing known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply marketing through digital channels like social media, email, website, and mobile apps on the internet. But new-age digital marketing companies are implementing growth hacking for SMEs to generate the best results.

With businesses across the world going digital with the aim of taking their products and services to a global market, it is also essential to understand that competition is increasing by the day. As start-ups and small businesses in the country are struggling to keep up with the demanding digital channels, there are also big players in every industry that makes the path more challenging - especially with greater marketing budgets.

That's where customer engagement strategy like growth hacking for businesses comes into play. It encourages your target market to interact with your brand and also enables you to share the experiences you create for them in their circles. Doing so right away removes the need to increase advertising budgets to reach more customers.

Growth hacking and digital marketing for start-ups, SMEs, and MSMEs go hand in hand, and it’s an approach that can help your business to grow rapidly. Growth hacking uses online marketing strategies, particularly designed to build or expand your consumer base. When you turn to growth hacking for your digital marketing strategy, you are taking more “traditional” online marketing strategies and using them in exclusive ways to captivate and grow your audience. You are constantly testing new ideas to see what works for your business, always with a growth mindset. 

Why is Growth Hacking Useful for SMEs?

Many small business owners, operating in different sectors, don’t have an available budget to always invest in Paid Search Marketing, through the advertising on browser engines and social networks, automation marketing, and other expensive tools. One of the main characteristics of Growth hacking within a small budget is to introduce creative marketing in a cost-effective way, led by innovation and experimentation. Here three elements are taken into consideration by a digital marketing company enabling growth hacking for your business:

Try to Create a Market Disruption

The concept seems tough to interpret, but you must create a disruptive product compared to the reference market. The potential customers really love the products that change in a substantial way in the market. Think about Uber, for example, millions of people now book Uber routes in their Smartphone instead of calling a taxi.

For an SME and MSMEs wishing to grow quickly, whose services are not manageable by an app, it is harder to create disruptive products, but it’s not always like this. The important thing is to acquire the mindset that shall lead to wonder how much your projects and market offers to meet the consumers’ expectations.

 Growth Hacking Needs Speed and Agility

You cannot take too much time to bring a product to the market because there will be a risk that other competitors may arrive before you. Speed and agility are essential for entrepreneurs who want to address the market in particular sectors or niches. Growth hacking, in this respect, becomes a revolutionary method for small and medium companies, because it deeply affects the creation of the product, the marketing strategies, and the internal organization

 The Data are Behind Growth Hackings

The attention to data is typical of Growth Hacking, which is based on a solid base of measurable and analyzable elements. Also, this attention to data is something that SMEs can learn for rapid growth. The big companies are increasingly led by data and you’re SME? Learn to monitor the results of the activity on social media and the web traffic, to be every day updated about your reference metrics. 

Advantages of Hiring Digital Marketing Company for Implementing Growth Hacking to your Business

1. Gives Results in Quick Time

One of the main advantages of preferring online marketing for SMEs and MSMEs over other methods of product promotion is that it provides results quickly and saves your time and money. You need very little manpower that in turn means less time management and more concentration on your job than other things.  You can do the best and the productivity of your company increases manifolds.

2. Your Business is Promoted by Professionals

The people working with a digital marketing agency are experts and experienced professionals in their respective fields. They would have done online marketing of small businesses and they hold the expertise to promote your business efficiently in the online world. This ultimately gives you peace of mind that they will be taking care of every online marketing aspect.

3. It Saves your Hard-Earned Money

Digital marketing is not all about earning money. It also saves your already earned money because the cost of implementing growth hacking by the help of an online marketing agency is much more affordable than the other traditional marketing instruments.  When we break down the costs associated with a digital marketing campaign, it may cost you a lot but when you hire the right digital marketing company like NextraOne, your online marketing campaigns will be very cost-effective.

4. Digital Marketing Company Evolves and Adapts Latest Trends

Evolution and change are part and parcel of marketing. That means it will keep on developing with the time and adding new dynamics to it. So, digital marketing companies have to keep themselves updated with the latest inclusions in the online marketing world. And also, it may be hard for you to keep yourself updated with new inclusions to digital marketing and learn the latest trends. So, it’s recommended to take the help of a digital marketing agency to implement growth hacking for start-ups as they evolve with the time and adapt to the latest trends quickly.


The noises on digital channels are increasing by the day, making it tougher for smaller businesses to reach out to their target audience. With increasing advertising budgets for some, the going only gets tougher. Focusing on consumer engagement strategies like growth hacking helps in building a strong, loyal community for small businesses. These are people who believe in the vision and mission of the business, are willing to participate in its growth, and are more likely to refrain from switching to a competitor.

With every passing day, we encounter new and creative marketing applications. How to make use of these tools for online marketing purposes can be best done by a professional only. Hence, a digital marketing company promotes your business to make your products more prominent and visible to the audience on the internet. And eventually, they will take your business to another level


Author: Mukul Dixit

Mukul Dixit is a content marketing strategist, believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of writing for different organizations globally, he understands the need to create tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong, and create an impact for the right audience. He mostly writes what he deeply perceives and analyses, it is his way of unwinding. He is an avid reader, loves to explore new locations, and wishes to contribute t

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