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VPS Hosting in India

Why choose VPS Hosting for Seamless Business website performance?

Web hosting is essential to operate every website. Web hosting is available in multiple forms including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. The decision to select a particular type of web hosting depends entirely on the present and future needs for server resources. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a ‘private space’, where you can easily host your website and all of its content. It is virtual, implying that it is online, and it is private, implying that it is dedicated to your website, and not shared by anyone else.

The best way to understand VPS Hosting in India is to view it as a ‘private room’ for your website on the internet, available to host all of the content & data on your website. A VPS ‘serves up’ your website when someone searches for it on the internet. Just like opening a door when someone knocks on it!

Factors That Influence Web-Hosting

There is a common practice of hosting a new website in a shared environment due to the limited needs of server resources in the early phase of the business. The need for server resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth can be easily met by shared hosting plans.
However, if the business starts growing quickly then there could be a number of performance issues forcing you to move to a higher level of hosting from shared hosting. Website owners must choose either dedicated or VPS hosting services in India for operating a high traffic website.

VPS is a state-of-the-art approach to independently allocate resources of a separate server to multiple websites. The arrangement is seemingly similar to shared hosting but it significantly differs in terms of resource availability. Multiple sites are competing for resources of a single server in a shared hosting environment and this is precisely the combative issue that can lead to resource-starving if a single website starts consuming resources.
Privacy and security of web hosting is another factor that needs to be considered before the selection of a hosting resource. It is observed that privacy and security take a backseat in a shared hosting environment because actions of other sites can directly influence the reputation and security of neighboring websites. If your business site involves handling of critical information, then you must use a VPS or dedicated hosting option instead of shared hosting.
There are several reasons for considering a VPS hosting plan instead of jumping to a dedicated server from shared hosting. The 5 most notable features of VPS hosting must be understood before arriving at any decision.

1. Ease and Simplicity

A fully managed Virtual Private Server is a straightforward and simple option to shared hosting as well as dedicated server hosting. There is always a lurking danger of server failure in a dedicated infrastructure that may lead to disastrous consequences. Whereas, Virtual Private Server has inherent attributes for a smooth adoption.
You can easily transition your website from shared hosting to a VPS platform that empowers your website operations with a broad spectrum of features. VPS hosting is an ideal alternative for users with limited or no technical knowledge about server administration. You will be offered an intuitive interface to perform a plethora of server related tasks such as app installation, patching and updating, reboot, and monitoring to name a few.

2. Freedom from Hardware

Management of complex hardware components of a server can be extremely daunting and risky if the entire array of your business operations depends on the performance of a single dedicated resource. If you lack sufficient expertise in securely managing the infrastructure of a dedicated server, then you are risking the very existence of the business. Furthermore, a dedicated server is a cost exhaustive resource that can substantially impact your IT budget.

In contrast, a VPS eliminates the involvement of hardware components and allows users to focus on system administration. If you are associated with a reliable web hosting service provider, then all issues related to the performance of hardware are skillfully managed by expert engineers. You will never have to face data loss due to a hardware failure because the service provider will promptly shift to another server to guarantee business continuity.

3. Economy without Compromising Quality

There is no requirement of buying a costly plan of dedicated server hosting when a remarkably economical cheap VPS hosting option is available with an outstanding quality of hosing in terms of security and performance. A trustworthy VPS host is capable of offering a highly available and secure infrastructure that mimics a dedicated server as far as resource availability and privacy are concerned.
VPS allows developers to build redundancies and mirroring to deal with issues of RAM without a need for an additional dedicated server. This can be a great relief for the assured operation of all services of the business website.

5. Operational Freedom
Your VPS comes with flawless compatibility of blending into hybrid architectures. It can be integrated to either complement or to act as a foundation of these architectures. Developers are a happier lot in a VPS environment because there are no hardware related tasks or issues to deal with.
5. Instant and Time-Saving

Administrators of VPS can immediately allocate vital resources and applications in response to the demand. Moreover, these resources are just a few clicks away, thereby enabling users to save time. There are many work environments to choose from if you are buying a VPS hosting plan from an established service provider. These include pre-configured CMS, operating systems, and infrastructures for development work.

Wrapping up

It’s always best to know what a VPS is, and how it works so you know what to choose. Evaluate your unique requirements, your site requirements, and your budget to find a cheap VPS provider that’s perfect for you. Knowledge is power when it comes to technology, and hopefully, this article empowers you with what you need to know to make the best decision.

Are you ready to consider VPS hosting for your growing business site? Do you have any questions that we didn’t cover? Contact our team, we’re happy to help!


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