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Enhance Your Presence in The E-Commerce Space with Managed Web Hosting!

As the name suggests, managed web hosting is a type of hosting service that has a service provider setting up, monitoring, maintaining, and securing hosting servers for you. Here, the servers are owned and managed by the hosting providers, as instead of hosting several websites it just hosts one virtual server across your network. Whereas, dedicated server hosting offers server lease opportunity to only one individual customer with the server managed by the hosting provider. Managed hosting lends more flexibility to hosting your website than shared hosting services. Here, you have full control of the server options by choosing the best operating system and hardware which supports your unique business system. With managed web hosting, NextraOne offers you the best deal with great business flexibility, operating the memory space capably across all business functions so that you can experience better cost optimization and achieve profit maximization!

Salient Features of Managed Hosting for escalating E-Commerce Businesses:

 • Managed hosting reduces supplementary costs associated with training security engineers.

 It focuses completely on the core business by assigning security tasks to the experts.

 Managed hosting services enable faster execution of the security policies by remotely delivering the best configuration management across the business verticals.

 It implements optimized security policies for offering maximum protection against any malware attacks.

 Managed hosting services use highly effective and faster response systems for handling any security-related issues, which ascertains minimum losses in case of malware attacks.

 Managed hosting services offer a 24/7 secured system by offering better organizational control features and abilities without setting up the costly infrastructural system.

 Managed server hosting enhances viability by offering an industry-driven approach, so businesses can have an elite data processing system for managing your data quickly as your business demands.

 Managed hosting services empower the businesses to have secured remote access associations by coordinating the network across all the virtual servers and data spaces.

 With a demonstrated history of securely managed hosting services that are trusted by multiple businesses across the world, managed hosting service is the optimum and best IT system.

Use the best available operating systems, with managed hosting services

The managed hosting process includes completely managed platform features for monitoring the security scans, application support, update patching, troubleshooting, hardware, and software upgrading, along with the best cloud backup services at NextraOne. With managed hosting servers in place, the services are managed in such a way that there are negligible long or short term issues. If all the technical details are not your cup of tea, you will simply have a better configuration of resources operating across the hosting setup of managed hosting servers. Managed hosting service providers like NextraOne develop solutions appropriately for clients who have a shortage of time for managing their business technologies effectively, with the help of experts who are continuously taking care of all the server related facets of your business!


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