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Top 5 Emerging Web Hosting Trends in 2021

Web hosting since 1994 launched in ‘Geocities’ is now a power pack contribution to the tech-savvy world. Things have changed. Mindsets have changed but the technology never stopped to surprise us with its impeccable use. The call of using web hosting is to begin your experience on the digital platform which is now owned by 59% of the total population. Starting from the data security to its advancing level of going green hosting is the change you could observe when you choose to pick among the trends.

There are possible facts and figures to address before initiating the emerging trends of web hosting. It is expected that the internet users can exceed up to 6 billion before beginning the year 2022 and that calls good news for the best website hosting service facilitators. It is time that requires being up to date on what good the web hosting companies can bring to the audience. If you are in the business to claim that your website hosting services are the best among others then here is something new for you.

#1 Do you know about offshore hosting?

Associating with the best internet data security is now the priority of everyone in the industry of digital marketing. To track down the biggest concern with a solution is to opt for offshore hosting. A new term for beginners and a popular term among website service providers. Shifting the reach of the latest trends on web hosting is that offshore hosting provides countable trust in terms of protection. 

#2 Cloud Hosting is everyone’s take

With a clear and transparent shift from doing things physically to making it cloud computing, the web hosting service providers have become very particular about it. It is a prediction that most likely on the scale of the global cloud service market, it can reach up to a 338.8billion in the current year. Big companies like Google and Alibaba have already shifted to cloud hosting and supporting customers with free consultations to maintain customer relationships.

#3 Superior Security Practice

It is important to pay attention to the cyber security concern. In the past, there were 37 billion data breach records were found to date. And the pandemic has also done its part to show the lack in handling the security measurements of the whole data online. One of the best web hosting service providers is making sure that their websites go to two-step authentication, SSL checks, and compliance checks for CMS.

#4 The call for the green in web hosting too

The web hosting handlers who are genuinely concerned about their performance are part of the green movement. Hosting coming with green features is much more reliable than other competing web hosting domains. This feature calls for multiple features which are turning into a good option. Such as:

  • Natural cooling
  •  Smart load balancing
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Successfully optimized software
  • Eco-friendly disposal

#5 Data centers are on their way to shrink

The number of data centers is on the verge to sink because of the status shown in the numbers. It means that in the year 2015 8.55 million data centers have been reduced to 7.2 million in the year 2021. When you see the change in the digital platform it means that the one who owns the market with up-to-date features will only survive to assure the better and the best results.

Therefore, the above-mentioned pointers are there to inform and to keep you up to date on what happens next to advance the level of digitization.


Author: Prakriti Kanojia

Prakriti Kanojia, an avid bibliophile who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff, and web development. Owing to her interest, she has been working as a “Content Specialist” at NextraOne. Being a Journalism graduate, she has a flair for technical writing but also likes to dabble in fiction and poetry. She is a voracious reader and loves to try new things.

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