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Windows Web Hosting

Why Windows Web Hosting is the Right Choice for Your Website?

Web hosting service providers usually offer both Linux and Windows as operating system options. It is generally difficult to decide which platform to use for your website, as often it may not be obvious why one platform is better than the other. Although it is usually the more high-priced option, Windows hosting represents the best hosting platform all around. It provides more options in terms of website technologies. Also, it is easier to configure for beginners and has security features backed by a leading U.S. corporation. Due to these reasons, take a good look at Windows hosting plans to see if they are right for you.

Windows hosting offers approximately every technology available for Linux plus some additional features. If you are thinking to develop websites with any Microsoft-specific technology, you will require a windows hosting plan. ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Active Directory are examples of programs that are exclusive to Windows hosting. Additionally, developing .NET sites on Windows are frequently very simple with the free version of Visual Studio. Many large businesses that are more concerned with security choose to develop in .NET because it is usually backed by a large corporation.  In addition to supporting all the Windows programs, you can easily install MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and other open-source platforms on any Windows hosting server as well. These features make Windows a very adaptable platform all around because it supports most programming languages & databases available.

Another advantage that Windows hosting provides is that it is very painless to configure for beginners. As an instance, DNS servers can be very complicated to configure with Linux and editing BIND configuration files also requires very specialized knowledge. But with Windows hosting, creating your own DNS server is as convenient as point-and-click. Likewise, editing and installing Apache configuration files on Linux can be challenging. Windows hosting offers a graphical interface for managing its web server environment, IIS. Creating a new virtual host can be done spontaneously by simply going into IIS Manager and adding a new website. Therefore, for new website admins, it can provide extensively easier administration methods.

Security is one of the top concerns for many sites. However, windows are backed and developed by the United States’ largest corporations; security patches are accessible frequently and for free. Updating your Windows server is also as effortless as updating your desktop computer.

Windows hosting is one of the great hosting environment for most websites. You can make use of great technologies like .NET, SQL Server, and IIS. As well, it provides graphical interfaces for most of its administration options. You don’t require editing lengthy configuration files. After all, Windows is backed by one of the top corporations in the world; you can rest confident that security updates will be provided timely. It is no surprise that known these benefits, Windows hosts a third of the sites in the world. Even though it might be pricier than Linux, the benefits of choosing Windows for your web hosting outweigh the costs!

Find the Best Windows Hosting Plan for You

If Windows hosting is the right choice for your company, make sure you find the particular Windows hosting plan and provider that offers what you need.  NextraOne’s cheap Windows hosting in India cover all the bases we’ve covered here, and you can choose between two levels based on whether you’re running an SMB business or have a larger enterprise company. Either way, you can count on the compatibility and features you need at a reasonable price. Whether you are looking to do Windows hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server hosting, NextraOne has got you covered. Contact our team of experts today to get started.


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