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6 Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Newbie

While WordPress is well-known for being fairly easy to use platform, there’s still a lot to learn when it comes to WordPress for beginners. Choosing a WordPress hosting provider can be a tedious task. Most of our mistakes could have been avoided if we had a list of the essential features we needed especially for our business.  In the present ecosystem, WordPress has emerged as one of the most extensive content management platforms. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that so many beginners have asked several questions related to WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that prior knowledge of web development is not required and neither do you need any further tools to make your own website. Below are some of the important frequently asked questions before selecting a Best WordPress Hosting Service provider in India.

How to start a blog on WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most convenient platforms to start a blog. First of all, you will need a domain name to link with your hosting package. You can either use an existing domain name or buy a new one before you sign up for a WordPress Hosting Account. The main benefit of WordPress is that it offers enough flexibility to handle and grow your blog without any restrictions.

Is WordPress safe and secure?

If you follow best practices in WordPress security, the platform is as secure as any other. On the other hand, if you overlook your website it will quickly become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There are numerous plugins, services, and other tools you can use to make your WordPress website more secure. It’s also crucial to always keep your installation, plugins, and theme up-to-date.

How can you make money from your WordPress website?
When it comes to monetizing a WordPress website, you are only restricted by your creativity. However, there are different methods through which you can make money from your WordPress website, selling products, Running advertisements, writing paid reviews, selling sponsored blogs, WordPress Affiliate Marketing are just some of the avenues through which you can make money through WordPress.

How to install plugins on WordPress?
Plugins are applications that add additional features to the WordPress website. You can easily install required plugins straight from your WordPress control panel. Simply go to Plugins and then Add New Page, from the available filters, search for the needed plugin and then install the plugin by clicking on Install for the plugin you chose. Once it’s installed, make sure to activate that plugin, otherwise, it would remain inactive

How to install a theme on WordPress?
From your WordPress control panel, you have to go to the Appearance on the admin page and then to Themes. Click on Add New and then search for the theme you are looking for. Click on Upload and then install it.

How to improve SEO in WordPress website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of best practices that allow you to obtain more traffic to your website from search engines like Google.  WordPress is fairly SEO friendly out of the box, but there are more things that you can do to make your website, even more, search engine friendly.


These are just a few questions that you will come across once you start building your website. Once you take the plunge, it’s simply a matter of exploring and learning new ways to make the most out of your WordPress website. While we hope you are ready to start working with the platform, you can keep learning by visiting our blog for more informative posts. Ready to get started? Or still, have questions? Find all your answers here


Author: Mukul Dixit

Mukul Dixit is a marketing enthusiast, believes that great content drives action and helps businesses be more influential. With the experience of writing for different organizations globally, he understands the need to craft tailor-made content solutions that are relevant, strong, and create an impact. He mostly writes what he deeply perceives, it is his way of unwinding. He is an avid reader, loves to explore new locations, and wishes to contribute to the society by enlightening the world.

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