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Why choose Domain Registration with Nextra One

Nextra One provides the powerful and easy to use tools that makes the management of domains very easy. A secure and reliable structure with the most reasonable price to host the websites, is also suitable for CMS hosting such as Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Domain Forwarding

Tools that can forward the domain‘s visitors to a website keeping a track of all the visitors on it.

Privacy Protection

With this feature, Nextra provides a protective layer to secure the user’s data from an illegal access. As you register with us, we replace your name and crucial details with Domain by proxy. This way it keeps all your data hidden from hackers. Even after this, your domain remains yours only. You get to control all the emails addressed to that domain.

Choose from the huge list

You get to have the right domain for your business from the number of domains in our webpool. Now, buy domain from the collection made available through search engines.

Domain Theft Protection

Guarding the domain against unauthorized transfers giving an extra layer of protection to the domain name registration. No one can illegally move your domain name away from you. Our domain protection can stop the malicious transfers and keeps your personal details away from their reach.

24/7 support

Keep your worries aside. Nextra One’s expert team of professionals are here to help you with your every query. Just dial our number or drop a mail and we will be there for assistance right away.

DNS Management

Manage the DNS records by choosing servers to host the website or part of website and transferring services from one to another server.