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Managing servers is one of the most crucial and prolonged tasks for a company. Nextra here provides modern and efficient server management that holds 100% of business’ uptime, giving a 24/7 reliable service with plenty of other features to deliver world-class management while operating the system environment securely.

Our Services

  • Access Management: We manage the accessibility of authorised users and keeps a check over the illegal users through an effective administration and password management.
  • Configuration Management:From installation to tracking and controlling all the changing aspects, we revise our controls with effective tools for consistent performance.
  • Patch/Update Management:Deploying OS vendor-recommended patches with a keen eye over the network vulnerabilities and missed patches, we scrutinize the entire system automatically.
  • Security:OS Hardening, Server Security and Securing the confidential data with anti-virus or anti-malware protection to safeguard the information.
  • MSSQL/MySQL Database Backup Schedule and Restoration: Keeping a backup of all the data for any spontaneous use in the future.
  • MSSQL/MySQL Database Upgradation:Updating the database continuously with the oncoming updates for the user to enjoy all the perks of the new features.
  • MSSQL/MySQLDatabase security and hardening: Securing the database from the exposure risks towards the critical data assets.
  • Plesk Control panel Installation and Management: Building a secure and interactive control panel i.e. the graphical interface with the embedded security tools that let you focus on business rather than infrastructure.
  • Website Migration:Simplifying the migration of your websites from domain to another.

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