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VPS Hosting India

Built For Reliability & Performance-tuned Secure Servers

  •   Full root access
  •   Unmetered data transfer
  •   Host unlimited website
  •   Easy control panel
  •   Multiple Choice Of OS.

Price as low as 479/month

VPS Hosting Plan


1 Gbps
  • 799

    UPTO 50% OFF
    479 / month
    (save upto 50% on 3 years)
  • 1 Core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Storage
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 99.9% Network uptime
  • 24 x 7 Email & web support
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1 Gbps
  • 1276

    UPTO 50% OFF
    766 / month
    (save upto 50% on 3 years)
  • 1 Core processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Storage
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • 99.9% Network uptime
  • 24 x 7 Email & web support
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1 Gbps
  • 1756

    UPTO 50% OFF
    1054 / month
    (save upto 50% on 3 years)
  • 2 Core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Data Transfer
  • 99.9% Network uptime
  • 24 x 7 Email & web support
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1 Gbps
  • 3160

    UPTO 50% OFF
    1896 / month
    (save upto 50% on 3 years)
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 4 TB Data Transfer
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • 24 x 7 Email & web support
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Best VPS Hosting Services

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is the ultimate choice for high performance, reliability and faster website. Shared hosting imposes certain limitations, and when your website requires constancy in speed, more space, RAM and other resources for the sudden spurt in your website traffic you require VPS hosting where you can take full control in your hands as the server is dedicated to your websites.

NextraOne offers Low-cost VPS solutions without compromising on quality or performance. As a client-first company, we strive to keep the costing affordable for all and help them achieve state of the art services and eventually level up their digital presence. Our cheap VPS hosting in India is a superior hosting solution in terms of resources, features, and other facilities, and is highly affordable as it costs less than dedicated server hosting. NextraOne’s VPS hosting India plans are fully managed without any extra charges and are backed up with 24×7 true technical support.

Virtual private server hosting provides the performance, control, flexibility and security that is almost equivalent to that of a dedicated server, and affordability of shared hosting server. We love to help the growing businesses get excellent digital infrastructure without inflating their budget.

VPS Hosting Features

  • Concrete Security: No need to worry about any unauthorized access. Since there is a separate OS; therefore no other websites can interfere with your confidential files.
  • High Speed: We ensure you with a high loading speed of your web pages with the server getting recognized instantly within few seconds.
  • Solitary Control/ Root Access: We provide full administrative access i.e. Root access with every server to facilitate full customization of the server environment based on your requirements.
  • Scalable: Start small and move to a more powerful VPS as your website grows. You can upgrade the existing one with ease. Just tell us about the requirement and your plan will be upgraded with our cheap VPS hosting prices.
  • 99.99% server Uptime: Your server is backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee. All our VPS are set up in a fully redundant infrastructure with 100% power availability.
  • Real-time support round the clock: Our support team works around the clock and is available via Live Chat and our Helpdesk to assist you with your hosting service, whenever you need it.

SEO Services in India

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why choose us


To avoid the chaotic circumstances to arrive, NextraOne has incorporated enterprise-grade servers with upgradeable RAM and storage technology to power your website and consistently support the surge in traffic demands.


Scalability is one of the major factors that determine the expected positive momentum in the business. We have built a resilient data center which swiftly aligns to the needs of our clients – be it bandwidth, storage, or networking speed, scaling is simple.

Enhanced Security

Since security is one of the critical parts of every application. We will secure your servers Managed Firewall to ensure better security of your website. NextraOne’s Datacenter has top-notch network security.

Full Support

With a team of highly-qualified professionals, we operate more efficiently and cater to the extensive support demands of our clients, allowing them to focus on strategic priorities that can help them move their business needle forward, rather than performing tedious server management and maintenance tasks.

Data Centre in India

Best In class, BSI and ISO-certified data center which ensures security, reliability, and scalability. Our data center in India possesses an advanced fiber optics network, providing the lowest latency and highest performance

High Speed & Availability

Our VPS uses the latest hardware and best-in-class network to ensure high availability at all times. We ensure you with a high loading speed of your web pages with the server getting recognized instantly within few seconds.


What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a virtual part of a real-life server machine that is partitioned into smaller virtual servers in order to imitate and virtualize real servers. Each VPS runs its own software, called operating system (OS) and in most cases, users get full root access to it and are able to install and run most software with no restrictions in OS level.


What are the general benefits of VPS Hosting?

With NextraOne’s VPS Hosting, your website and applications remain unaffected by the activities carried out by another user on the same server. Full root access helps you install any custom software without limitations. Along with complete independency, VPS hosting gives you guaranteed resources like CPU, RAM, HDD, and bandwidth.


Why VPS hosting is recommended over shared hosting?

There are 4 basic reasons to upgrade from Shared to VPS Hosting:

  • 1. You require root access to install & maintain your own applications on your server.
  • 2. You need additional server resources like RAM and Disk Space that is not offered in Shared Hosting
  • 3. Your website and applications remain unaffected by the activities carried out by another user on the same server
  • 4. Your data is much more secure than shared hosting. Loopholes in other websites hosted on the same server may have security concerns for you.

Can I install custom software on my VPS server?

With NextraOne’s VPS hosting you can install tons of prebuilt operating systems (OS), install almost any software you like.


Can I upgrade my VPS hosting package?

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS hosting packages anytime and just with few simple clicks or either by contacting our support team.


What kind of VPS server support will I get?

Our Team of professionals is always ready to assist you at any time & any day with no delays - and that's another reason why NextraOne’s VPS is, in fact, your best VPS hosting India choice. At NextraOne, our clients' happiness is our first priority and when in need - a helping hand is always given.


How to buy a VPS hosting in India?

You can easily buy VPS hosting at NextraOne. Visit our website, find the plan you wish to purchase and begin your order.


What are windows and Linux VPS hosting in India?

Windows and Linux are two different types of operating systems. You can get the most secured, managed and affordable Linux & windows VPS hosting India services at NextraOne, for both Windows and Linux OS Platform.


What hypervisor does NextraOne provide?

To create a VPS server we need hypervisor software. There are plenty of hypervisors available such as VMware, HyperV, KVM, and Citrix XEN and Virtuozzo/Openvz. VMware is the market leader that provides rock-solid stability and a secure hypervisor known as Esxi. On the other hand, KVM VPS or Xen VPS servers are open source hypervisor which is also widely used as a cheap alternative. If you are looking for a container then Virtuozzo/Openvz is the right solution. They are not real hypervisors these are isolated Linux containers. All containers share the same operating system. NextraOne provides VMWARE ESXi in a public cloud; if you want we can provide KVM VPS or any other above-mentioned hypervisor under a private cloud plan which is specially designed for your needs.


Should I buy online server space or VPS for my photo storage and editing requirement.

Yes, you can use NextraOne’s VPS and access server & storage space from anywhere.


I want to run Java and nodejs. Should I go for VPS hosting or shared hosting?

In the VPS server, you can get Java and nodejs as per your need, contact our sales team with your requirement to customize your VPS.


Is VPS India is better for my customers?

It depends on which end-user you are targeting for your business website. For Indian customers, we recommend you to buy VPS which is hosted in Datacenter located in India. NextraOne’s data center offers very low latency and better user experience as we are directly connected peering with all ISPs in India.


What is the difference between the VPS server and the cloud server?

Both are the same, the main difference is scalability and availabilities. VPS can scale up to underlying physical server capacity whereas cloud server with the help of load balancer you can scale to multiple servers.


Shared hosting, cloud hosting or VPS hosting, which one is better?

It depends on your requirements. If you are in the development stage or start-up then you can go for shared hosting. Once you are ready to start your business you can choose cloud hosting which is more reliable than shared hosting as the customers are restricted as per plan which gives more consistency in site speed. VPS hosting is the ultimate choice for business needs because it provides full control of your server and application performance. You can customize your server based on your requirements. We recommend VPS hosting over any other cheap shared hosting if you have serious business needs.


Which one should I buy VPS Server or Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server is the server where the whole server is dedicated to your application. There are 2 types of dedicated server

  • 1. Bare metal dedicated server.
  • 2. Virtual dedicated server.

The bare metal dedicated server is a physical server where the whole physical resources of the server will be controlled and used by you. Also, using hypervisor you can create multiple Virtual dedicated servers. In the VPS server, you are allowed to use resources such as CPU/RAM allocated in your VPS only. Multiple Virtual dedicated servers share the same physical resources in a secure manner.

Blog Section

Why choose VPS Hosting for Seamless Business website performance?

Web hosting is essential to operate every website. Web hosting is available in multiple forms including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. The decision to select a particular type of web hosting depends entirely on the present and future needs for server resources. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a ‘private space’, where you can easily host your website and all of its content. It is virtual, implying that it is online, and it is private, implying that it is dedicated to your website, and not shared by anyone else.

The best way to understand VPS Hosting in India is to view it as a ‘private room’ for your website on the internet, available to host all of the content & data on your website. A VPS ‘serves up’ your website when someone searches for it on the internet. Just like opening a door when someone knocks on it!

Factors That Influence Web-Hosting

There is a common practice of hosting a new website in a shared environment due to the limited needs of server resources in the early phase of the business. The need for server resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth can be easily met by shared hosting plans.
However, if the business starts growing quickly then there could be a number of performance issues forcing you to move to a higher level of hosting from shared hosting. Website owners must choose either dedicated or VPS hosting services in India for operating a high traffic website.

VPS is a state-of-the-art approach to independently allocate resources of a separate server to multiple websites. The arrangement is seemingly similar to shared hosting but it significantly differs in terms of resource availability. Multiple sites are competing for resources of a single server in a shared hosting environment and this is precisely the combative issue that can lead to resource-starving if a single website starts consuming resources.
Privacy and security of web hosting is another factor that needs to be considered before the selection of a hosting resource. It is observed that privacy and security take a backseat in a shared hosting environment because actions of other sites can directly influence the reputation and security of neighboring websites. If your business site involves handling of critical information, then you must use a VPS or dedicated hosting option instead of shared hosting.
There are several reasons for considering a VPS hosting plan instead of jumping to a dedicated server from shared hosting. The 5 most notable features of VPS hosting must be understood before arriving at any decision.

1. Ease and Simplicity

A fully managed Virtual Private Server is a straightforward and simple option to shared hosting as well as dedicated server hosting. There is always a lurking danger of server failure in a dedicated infrastructure that may lead to disastrous consequences. Whereas, Virtual Private Server has inherent attributes for a smooth adoption.
You can easily transition your website from shared hosting to a VPS platform that empowers your website operations with a broad spectrum of features. VPS hosting is an ideal alternative for users with limited or no technical knowledge about server administration. You will be offered an intuitive interface to perform a plethora of server related tasks such as app installation, patching and updating, reboot, and monitoring to name a few.

2. Freedom from Hardware

Management of complex hardware components of a server can be extremely daunting and risky if the entire array of your business operations depends on the performance of a single dedicated resource. If you lack sufficient expertise in securely managing the infrastructure of a dedicated server, then you are risking the very existence of the business. Furthermore, a dedicated server is a cost exhaustive resource that can substantially impact your IT budget.

In contrast, a VPS eliminates the involvement of hardware components and allows users to focus on system administration. If you are associated with a reliable web hosting service provider, then all issues related to the performance of hardware are skillfully managed by expert engineers. You will never have to face data loss due to a hardware failure because the service provider will promptly shift to another server to guarantee business continuity.

3. Economy without Compromising Quality

There is no requirement of buying a costly plan of dedicated server hosting when a remarkably economical cheap VPS hosting option is available with an outstanding quality of hosing in terms of security and performance. A trustworthy VPS host is capable of offering a highly available and secure infrastructure that mimics a dedicated server as far as resource availability and privacy are concerned.
VPS allows developers to build redundancies and mirroring to deal with issues of RAM without a need for an additional dedicated server. This can be a great relief for the assured operation of all services of the business website.

5. Operational Freedom
Your VPS comes with flawless compatibility of blending into hybrid architectures. It can be integrated to either complement or to act as a foundation of these architectures. Developers are a happier lot in a VPS environment because there are no hardware related tasks or issues to deal with.
5. Instant and Time-Saving

Administrators of VPS can immediately allocate vital resources and applications in response to the demand. Moreover, these resources are just a few clicks away, thereby enabling users to save time. There are many work environments to choose from if you are buying a VPS hosting plan from an established service provider. These include pre-configured CMS, operating systems, and infrastructures for development work.

Wrapping up

It’s always best to know what a VPS is, and how it works so you know what to choose. Evaluate your unique requirements, your site requirements, and your budget to find a cheap VPS provider that’s perfect for you. Knowledge is power when it comes to technology, and hopefully, this article empowers you with what you need to know to make the best decision.

Are you ready to consider VPS hosting for your growing business site? Do you have any questions that we didn’t cover? Contact our team, we’re happy to help!

How VPS Hosting is Better than Shared Hosting for your Website or Blog?

This question arises only when you own a business website with adequate traffic or you are a serious full-time blogger rather than an amateur. In fact, this is also applicable to websites & blogs that have high traffic, and the potential of growth is exponential in nature. If you are just starting out your website or blog and it has just a few hundred visits on a daily basis, this article is not meant for you as shared hosting is the perfect choice for you. If your website or blog is getting a daily traffic inflow of thousand, this blog is meant just for you. You must know why hosting your blog or website on VPS hosting India is better than doing the same on a shared server.

You need to move to VPS hosting as your website or blog has outgrown a shared server

The first thing that needs to be said here is that the need for shifting from shared web hosting to VPS hosting is required when your website or blog has overgrown capacity of shared hosting. Now, how to know that your needs have outgrown server capacity of shared hosting? There are some thumb rules one can check that can tell a webmaster that the time has come to shift from shared to VPS hosting. Let’s find out -

1. Has your site traffic increased dramatically?

The first inflection point of need for changing hosting solutions from shared to VPS hosting is when daily traffic of your website or blog jumps from low (below 1k to 2k total visits per day) to more than 5k or even 8k per day. If you have adopted an approach of aggressive online marketing and also given attractive offers, there is every chance that your website is going to witness a dramatic rise in popularity, followed by a spike in traffic. If you feel that the momentum of web traffic to your site will be maintained and anticipate its dramatic increase in the coming months, it is most wise for you to get a more dedicated bandwidth as well as disk space. This is because increased traffic will take a toll on the speed of the server, followed by extreme adverse pressure on performance. If you don’t want to confront repeated downtime and slow loading time of site, it is the best time you contact a VPS hosting service provider.      

2. Is data security a concern for you?

When a website starts its journey, it doesn’t have lots of data. However, after a certain period, they have lots of data to protect from others. There are many transactions and access details related to data that a website wants to save from cybercriminals. That’s when they need improved data security. The most effective way to do that is to move to a more dedicated environment. If you can choose a dedicated server, that will be the best decision but it is expensive. That’s why an increasing number of websites with rising prospects opt for cheap VPS hosting solution, which offers them with better data security than shared servers.

3. Are you looking for customization & personalized settings on your site?

Your website may have reached such a stage where you look for more control of the existing server infrastructure. This will happen only when you move out of your shared server and opt for either VPS or dedicated server, based on your budget and requirements. As VPS hosting price in India is much affordable than the dedicated one, although, when you choose a more dedicated kind of server, you get superior control on the server infrastructure. Some of the facilities that you can change in dedicated VPS hosting are customization of firewall configurations, the ability to run more advanced scripts, the ability to install more sophisticated applications, and many more. All these factors help to enhance the user experience of the visitors of the site and not get constrained by the limitations of shared hosting.

Factors to Consider while Signing Up for VPS Hosting for your Website

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is unique in the sense that it makes use of virtualization technologies, unlike shared or dedicated hosting. So, a single server is compartmentalized to create many private servers. In this way, a single piece of hardware basically acts like many distinct servers. In VPS, the word “private” clearly signifies that you will not need to share resources like memory or CPU or bandwidth with any other user.

How Is VPS Hosting Different From Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

When you are planning to choose VPS hosting India, it is important to understand the advantages you will enjoy from VPS plans in comparison with a shared or dedicated hosting plan. Unlike shared hosting; you will not have to share server resources like RAM and CPU in the VPS hosting. Moreover, shared hosting involves various limitations because where there traffic spikes, resource sharing with multiple neighbors can cause your website speed to slow down. If you compare VPS hosting with dedicated server hosting, you will see that it is the most cost-effective one and you are given root access to these virtual servers. You are free to use custom software to cater to your individual needs. Dedicated server hosting plans appear to be best suited for businesses that have many technical demands and which get a lot of website traffic each day. VPS hosting allows you to get almost all benefits of dedicated hosting for far lower prices.

Factors to Consider while Purchasing VPS hosting:

When you buy VPS hosting plans, there are some important factors to look into. Many cheap VPS hosting providers claim to offer excellent VPS packages but you need to verify their credentials and make sure that these plans cater to your specific business needs.

- At first, you will need to decide between choosing managed & unmanaged VPS solutions. Unmanaged VPS solutions are less costly but demand a lot of technical expertise and experience. But if you choose fully-managed VPS solutions for your site, you can ensure that your provider troubleshoots all your technical problems.

When you are looking to sign up for VPS, you must also make sure that the hosting provider is able to give you round-the-clock supports. There are free hosting trial options that will allow you to check a provider’s services before you pay for these.

- When you are running an e-commerce website where you will sell products, you will need an SSL certification. So, you must look for a service provider which can help you through this process. It should have skilled and experienced staff who is well-versed with such certifications.

- You will also need a service provider that can conduct regular backups. The provider should also implement robust security measures to ensure there are no data breaches.

When Should You Choose VPS Hosting?

- When you discover that the security features in your existing hosting plan are not enough and you want to enjoy more advanced monitoring power, better backup space, enhanced reliability, etc, you should look for VPS hosting plans.

- When you have just started your website and do not get much web traffic, a shared hosting plan will be sufficient. But, when the traffic to the site grows you need to upgrade. You will not want to lose out customers because of a slow-moving website. Sometimes, there may be server crashes too because of unexpected traffic spikes which make upgrading to VPS a must.

- If you realize that the website is running slow continuously you will not be able to scale up the resources. As the website grows and more content gets added, there will be a corresponding decrease in the loading speed. When you upgrade to VPS hosting this problem is resolved.

- When you run an online store, it is essential to choose VPS hosting. This will provide you the kind of security you need to pass a compliance test. The PCI DSS has been set up big brands to prevent credit card thefts. So, for websites accepting credit or debit card payments online, it is necessary to have high-end security to protect clients’ financial data. This is why choosing a VPS hosting makes more sense for smaller e-commerce businesses.

- For companies that need to install customized software, VPS hosting is a good option. Shared web hosting is fine for website owners who want standard programs and regular WordPress plugins. But, when there is a need for customized software or custom server configurations, VPS hosting plans are necessary as these will provide you root access. So, bookkeeping or billing programs need to be available online at all times and to run optimally, VPS or dedicated servers are needed.

- When you notice that there are frequent server error messages appearing on the screen, it is an indication that your buyers are also viewing these and more likely to leave the website. You cannot allow these errors to show when you run an e-commerce store. Website uptime is of utmost importance and you need VPS hosting for this.

- Finally, for those working on a tight budget, VPS is an outstanding option because these servers are less costly than dedicated ones but guarantee almost the same advantages.

NextraOne offers cheap VPS hosting India with a maximum of 99.99% uptime, 24*7 support, top-notch infrastructure, DDoS protection, and much more so that you can calm down and concentrate on your business while we manage the technicalities.

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