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Why dedicated server is winning over shared in India?

When you are looking for a best-dedicated server in India, you will explore for the providers on the Internet. You will probably review their services, conduct proper background research, check their credentials and reputation and then decide the most useful & budget-friendly package for your needs. Generally, customers feel a sense of confusion while making a selection in dedicated servers & shared servers. So, if you also have the same sort of confusion that is driving you away from selecting one for your site, then this article will clear all your doubts related to dedicated servers. As dedicated servers are widely used by businesses all across the world, there are numerous server hosting solution providers exist in the market. NextraOne is one of the prominent dedicated server providers in India. So, when you are looking for a cheap dedicated server in India, we can be the platform to provide the best solutions at a very affordable price range. By offering diverse dedicated servers hosting packages to our customers, we have been delivering the following benefits to our clients which you can also avail by partnering with us as your hosting solution provider.

How does a dedicated server work?

A dedicated server is allocated to a single website or app and leverages full control by dedicating all accessible resources to your website or portal. And as these servers are only hosting a single portal or application, the entire memory capacity of the server and its processor resources are dedicated to a single customer. 

Why choose a dedicated server hosting?

Increased Security: NextraOne’s dedicated server hosting offers customized security features such as a dedicated firewall which helps safeguard the website against threats.

Increased speed & performance: Our dedicated hosting servers boost the overall speed of the application/ website and reduce the downtime. This not only improves user experience but also increases performance.

 Increased Capacity: Since every customer is allotted a dedicated server, it increases the storage capacity & speed to access the online platform hosted on our server.

Increased security & reliability: Hosting a website, portal or an application on a shared server can be unstable & unworthy. One spammed website can lead to banning the entire server. But with NextraOne’s dedicated servers, security & reliability is no more a concern.

Customizations Remain In the Hands of Website Owners –

The key benefit any customer has experienced is that; it allows them to perform full customization of their server on their own consent. This type of flexibility is hard to find in shared hosting because it requires a confirmation from the shared interface. With dedicated server hosting India, you get freedom and flexibility to utilize desired scripts and technology and thus, can take the site to another level.

Best customer support makes a dedicated server a Viable Solution –

The best thing about dedicated servers is the great customer service level which is highly essential for any company. Especially, when you are associated with a reputed dedicated server company like NextraOne where customers are provided with the 24*7 support enabling them to present an unmatchable web experience to their audience.

Wrapping up

Wondering if hosting your website on a shared server is worth the risk? Well, it’s high time you should switch to a dedicated server. A reasonably priced dedicated server is a suitable choice for a business that has outgrown its boundaries to the traditional shared hosting. And at NextraOne, we provide affordable options that help in the expansion of your business instead of limiting its scope for growth by providing the best possible hosting arrangement for your business needs.

Why choose NextraOne?

NextraOne offers affordable and robust dedicated servers that are equipped with enhanced configurations & the latest hardware. At NextraOne, we provide 24/7 technical support, fast hardware deployment, better failover and the best uptime for the website to our customers. Our dedicated server help manage high traffic portals, ensures faster loading time, increased security and enhanced user experience. Also, our state-of-the-art hosting services ensure that your website never faces another hitch.

If you’re ready to explore the options and want to avail best-dedicated server price in India, log on to, we’re ready to lead you in the best direction for your future. Partner with NextraOne now and help make a better internet for everyone.


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