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  •   cPanel/Zimbra
  •   Mail Monitoring
  •   Global Rule Filtration
  •   Inbuilt Spam Filter
  •   Group Mail Id
  •   POP/IMAP/Webmail

Start configuring business email in 3 easy steps.


Get @yourcompanyname.com Email

Simply create your users via Contro panel- cPanel/Zimbra.


Set up your account

Access via the web interface or configure in any mailing client with POP/IMAP setting


Send emails and more

Now you are set to send/receive mails and many more as calendar, Contacts, group mail id, customize space allocation etc

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We provide server client software services for messaging and collaborations, easy to use user friendly interface which suffice the need of users as well for administrators.

Mail Monitoring

Now you can monitor your employee emails, incoming and outgoing emails for company compliances and increase productivity. Discover if there is any unacceptable content or document leaked from organization.

Group Mail ID

You can create a group of email recipients in seconds with Group Mail ID feature, so that one can assign one email ID to one department and it will be delivered to employee fall under group mail it also called distribution list.

Inbuilt Spam Filter

Protect your inbox for unwanted and unsolicited messages. Anti-Spam filter will protect your Mailbox 99% from Malware and spam. Anti-spam filters automatically quarantine the spam emails, which can be reviewed by the admin.

Customize space allocation

Optimize your company mailbox quota by distributing mail size as per employee role. Using cPanel/Zimbra control panel you can easily increase/decrease your mail box size quota.

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Nextraone team is here when you need it. Whether it's helping you choose a domain name, walking you through our email solutions, or configuring your email system for your business, our technical experts are here to help. We are just click away.

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