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Server Colocation or Colo is a Data Center Service facility where business owners can host and manage their existing infrastructure in best-in-class data center facilities premises Instead of having its own data center or server room on premise.

With Nextraone, you can colocate your Server as it has Tier III data center located in Gurgaon, INDIA which is part of National Capital Region of India ( NCR ), Our datacenter located in Gurgaon now days become a financial and industrial hub for India which is just 15 kilometres southwest of the national capital New Delhi. Our datacenter built with multiple layers of redundancy across physical security, cooling, networks and power which gives you high performance uptime and reliability. You can host your server with one of the best Data centers in India which provides very low latency and better user experience for Indian audience. Our datacenter network also connected with all major Indian data center and ISP via NIXI ( National Internet Exchange of India ) for low latency to end user using services inside India.

Our Colocation server charges are very competitive compare to other server rack space colocation service providers in India. There is no better choice for renting data center space with Nextraone.

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Server Colocation special benefits..

  • Cut cost for IT infrastructure & management
  • Makes Data Migration easy and reliable
  • Enhances Power capacity along with redundancy
  • High and reliable security
  • Easy disaster recovery in case of any misfortune
  • High-speed uninterrupted content delivery

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Our Offerings

Shared Space


1U/2U shared colocation space allows customer to host their rack mounted server in IDC Rack which is provided by the service provided. To mount the server and dual power supply and network. Customer Servers should have rail kit to mount server in side the rack. Server can be connected to shared/dedicated band with for internet access.

Rack Colocation


1U/2U shared colocation space allows customer to bring their own RACK where server can be mounted inside the rack. We provide power and network as per part of rack collocation. Here customer get flexibilities the have 1U/2U as well as multiple U/tower server as long as space in the rack.



For those customer have multiple racks and private physical security they can have dedicated cage area which can be locked and physical access to even IDC engineer can be restricted. Customer also can have complete flexibilities to have own rack and bandwidth and full control of server and network.


Cost and Space Saving

Previously the companies used Colocation services in case of disaster recovery. Nowadays, it is very popular among cloud service providers. These days many companies are using Colocation service since a huge amount of capital as well as space is required for building and maintaining the large in-house facility. Server colocation provides a flexibility to access the hardware and network from a professionally managed data center with the control of servers in hands of customer.

Speed & Performance

The Colocation center also provides access to a higher bandwidth as compared to a simple office server room. Colocation minimizes the network latency, which in turn increases the efficiency. These servers are placed in a cool, dust free environment.


A good Colocation service provider is always associated with higher level of physical security with features like CCTV and locked cabinets, which are difficult, and heavy on the pocket in case of privately owned data house. This reduces the cost of operation though maintaining the same high quality of service.


Today flexibility is the key element in any business and that is what is associated with Colocation. Most Colocation service providers allow customers to customize their space plan according to their needs so that they can focus on their business and associated tasks. A wide range of facilities allows customers to choose the best infrastructure that suits their business requirement.




We impart higher range of bandwidth to keep up with your demands. The bandwidth requirements are fixed or flexible as required. Sufficient fibres are available to satisfy the massive requirements of our customer that we are providing since long time without any connectivity hassle.


Our center located in India possess advanced fibre optics network, providing lowest latency and highest performance. We ensure safety of your data during transmission and implement peer-to-peer relationship, interconnections and high-speed network connectivity from all tier-I ISPs.



Our data center is aided by reliable power sources that ensure power to rack and an uninterruptible power supply to avoid obstruction to any of your services. On-site professional staff is present to monitor and provide assistance in case of any issues and help in carrying out customer’s business smoothly.


The physical security at our data center is completely bundled with excellent features to prevent any vulnerabilities or threats. Embraced with physical security along with use of high technology such as video surveillance, biometrics, armed guards and so on, we keep your mind at peace. Top-notch technology based fire alarm system and fire suppression system can perfectly handle the fire situation without any delay. In fact, zones are separated with fire rated wall to control any fire hazard. The security model consists of multiple layers for avoiding any breach of security or cyber attack. The Firewall protection is enabled for a secured server.



Our data center with upgraded features provides you with best service at a relatively low cost as compared to others. The innovative cooling solutions lower the power cost hence saving you more money. Purpose behind a managed service is to eradicate the burden of maintaining personal hardware as well as in-house data center.


Our service includes 24x7 monitoring of your Server and Services. Providing an on-site professional staff to monitor and impart assistance in case any issues arises will help in minimizing the downtime and service interruptions. It is guaranteed that every issue will be addressed by our 24x7 support before it affects any business operation.



Out data center network having completely redundancy bandwidth from multiple gateways carrier by which we have been achieving 100% network uptime since many years.


What is colocation server?

Colocation server (colo) is a data center facilities where you can relocate your server to data center to have space/power/air conditioning/internet connectivity to connect your server online. Data center service provider provides such facilities for multiple customers in same location. They are the specialist in this area to optimize the cost of operation and maintain services uptime.


Are you looking for colocate server space in India?

Our Data center is in Delhi NCR located in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. We are connected to all major level 1 ISP such as Bharti Airtel, Tata, Vodafone and Reliance to have better redundant connectivity and fast content delivery. We have also direct peering with NIXI and Mumbai Ex, Akamai, Google which provide excellent user experience and faster content delivery to all Indian Home and business customer.


What is colocation space and rack?

The Colocation space is measured in terms of ‘racks’ and ‘cabinets’. A rack can be understood in simple terms as a horizontal space for housing servers and computing hardware. Server colocation offers accessibility to manage hardware and functioning of server in a well-organized data center, which ensures online business growth.


Can you provide rack space Tier IV IDC in Delhi or Noida?

Yes we can provide Racks space from Tata and Netmagic tier IV data center with very competitive price.


I need a dedicated server. Can you provide?

Yes, We have various dedicated server plan, our plan include self-manage or manage IT dedicated server at very competitive price. Check


How many data centers are there in India?

According to there are 152 Data centers in India across 25 city location. Bangalore is the highest 26 and followed by Mumbai 24 and Delhi 16. However The primary co-location data center area in India is in its largest city Mumbai and Navi Mumbai together as it is well connected to submarine cable to middle east.


Can I have hardware support from IDC?

Yes we can provide hardware support in case of hardware failure. Our IDC team help you during part replace in case hardware replacement.


Do you provide managed service?

Yes we do provide server management service with our colo and dedicated and vps plans. We provide hardware/OS and application and database support. Contact our sales team or chat with us for further details.

Blog Section

How To Recognize The Right Colocation Service Provider?

Identifying the ideal colocation service provider is a complicated decision for many organizations. They must consider both their current and future data requirements as well as how colocating will affect their existing IT resources and customer services. In the long run, Colocation Data Center offers incredible flexibility & savings, especially for the companies that might not be in the condition to build and maintain their own data facilities.

The decision, therefore, is not so easy as to entrust a third party with the security of your mission-critical applications by any stretch of the imagination. You need to properly evaluate your own IT infrastructure and how much you need to pay for ranks, cabinets, power, security, and bandwidth among other services. Furthermore, companies should make sure that their choice turns out to be the precise one and the colocation data center service provider they select has the essential infrastructure and expertise to take proper care of their servers and networking equipment. A service provider should be chosen which guarantees paramount security, reliability, and highly redundant network and infrastructure.

If you search a colocation services provider or any other related term in the search box of Google or any other search engine and within a second you will see names of dozens of service providers each claiming to be better than the best. They promise you the sky and the moon but you know well that all cannot be as good as they claim to be. This is essential as finding the ideal service provider who can provide service that syncs with your IT requirements.

Keeping these factors in mind, we shall discuss below a few of the significant aspects in which you should pay close attention to select the right colocation service provider.

Sound global and local footprint

Always look for a colocation data center service provider that has a strong presence both inside and abroad and caters to both local and global organizations operating across various industries.  Having a strong global and local footprint is good since it offers you the potential to quickly expand into international markets. A good local presence is also essential to take good care of your networking equipment and server within your country of residence.

Proximity to your organization

The nearness of the data center is better for your business. Your IT team can promptly reach the location to fix any errors and thus enabling you to get quickly back on your feet. For example, a popular e-commerce website, which receives lakhs of traffic on a daily basis, cannot afford long-lasting downtime as it can lead to a huge loss in sales. Also, they can easily travel to the data center for server and other hardware inspection. Therefore, selecting a data center closer to your company’s location leads to lower latency which leads to better performance.

High level of reliability

Data centers that do not guarantee maximum uptime are not worth a second glance. Consistency and reliability of a data center are measured in terms of uptime norms. The Tier classification system is also a good way to measure the reliability of a data center colocation service provider. These data centers are generally preferred by companies that understand the value of uptime and the loss of any disturbance in business continuity could do their overall reputation and sales. These data centers ensure that each and every component needed to support the IT processing environment can be shut down without impacting the IT operation.


NextraOne is one of the most reliable and well-known colocation services providers. Its state of art Tier III data center located at Gurgaon provide fast and efficient colocation services for private and business applications & websites. NextraOne offers highly powerful, flexible and dependable data center colocation services in India having higher levels of network connectivity, low latency and better security. If you want to learn more about colocation services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon or discuss your requirements, feel free to talk to the team at NextraOne. We will be glad to assist you.

How are Data Center Services Helping Startups & businesses?

After Digital India and Start-up India, Stand up India campaigns, new-age companies emerged rather rapidly in India. For a country filled with developers, the rise in new organizations is kind of obvious and the growth in the number of developers was a result of an incredible increase in technology start-ups in India. With that, India stands second among the country with the highest number of developers after the US. India is a promising land for all start-up businesses and the success is surging the country’s economy.

Tech Solutions for Start-ups & Businesses

India has been clinched by an intense stream of start-ups. As these businesses are gaining popularity, the demand for its services is gradually increasing as well. From the technology perspective, these need a platform that can help smoothly run business operations, maintain records, while also effectively serve its customers and apparently, innovative IT services is set to be a game-changer.

Startups and businesses need data center services to support their business and save them from vulnerabilities. Data centre service providers ensure to keep clients’ mission-critical data safe within their well-equipped IT infrastructure.

How is the data center helping start-ups?

IT services have given a big boost to startup firms in terms of technological stability. A well-funded startup business is likely to invest more in its IT needs such as purchasing high-end servers, effective software tools, database licenses, etc. However, due to lack of funding, most organizations are unable to afford expensive IT services and thus, stick to poor technological infrastructure with applications and software, resulting in business inefficiency. But now, there are several data centers in India like NextraOne offering cost-effective hosting services to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

One of the most stable, reliable, and affordable options for start-ups is cloud computing because it provides the flexibility, and security required by start-ups at reasonable rates.

Why start-ups should choose cloud solutions?

  • Startups can begin with small resources and then expand to meet the rapidly increasing demands.
  • A small budget is no worry because cloud services are highly economical and new enterprises can perform efficiently with fewer resources.
  • Flexibility, agility are the top benefits of cloud solutions as it enables a business to maintain pace and innovate with the quickly changing IT scenario.

In order to encourage digital evolution and the needs of the start-up, leading cloud service providers such as Microsoft and IBM has launched its infrastructure in India.

Winding Up

Data center in India has played an essential role in providing technical support to these emerging businesses and it will continue to flourish its services. While entrepreneurs are spending on automating their business processes, data centers are investing in improving their infrastructure. Given the vast growth of start-ups in India, the data center will probably do great in the future.

If you’re ready to explore the options and want to avail Data center services, log on to, we’re ready to lead you in the best direction for your future. Partner with NextraOne now and help make a better internet for everyone.

Why businesses Should choose Data Centre In India

Having an online presence is a vital component of any business. To be online, you need a website and to ensure that the website is live & available to your targeted audience, you must utilize the services of a web host. Hosting helps you reach out to your local, domestic and global audience quickly & affordably.

It is essential to use the services of a reputed web hosting company like Nextraone to have a seamless, smooth & hassle-free hosting experience. Most companies prefer the services of web hosts & data centers in India because it provides them some clear & unique advantages. Web hosts offer several features for managing your website & applications professionally. A data center is one of the key elements of every web hosting service.

Data Centers services & solutions in India

Data center is a centralized storage system designed to store, manage and distribute data. In most cases, the data center server is located in an extremely secure and well-protected environment. The entire system is developed in such a manner that it remains resilient to power outages. A data center is made up of a series of generators for ensuring the uninterrupted availability of electricity. Round-the-clock manning is also done to prevent any unlawful access to critical business data.

Choosing a Data Center in India

However, choosing a data center services in India can be a tough decision to make. There are various factors to be considered as you will be storing your critical data & applications at a third-party resource. It becomes crucial to choose a Data center service provider that you can trust implicitly and who has a great record of delivering top-grade service.

• Economy is one of the main benefits of using data centers as they offer advanced services at cheaper rates as compared to international data center services.

• Most data centers prefer their location carefully to maximize strategic benefits to companies utilizing their services.

• With data centers in India, companies won’t experience any communication barrier as most companies offer customer service in the language that their clients are comfortable in.

• As data centers are in the same time zone as the location of an Indian organization, communication becomes easier, leading to a better understanding of the needs of a business.

• Indian data centers can provide customized services according to the needs of companies as they have a better understanding of the domestic market.

Enhanced User Experience Due To Low Latency

When you choose to colocate servers in a data center, you can have absolute control over key operations. For example, if there is a need for an on-site visit, it can be arranged easily. Visiting a domestic data center for inspection is also affordable & less hassling than visiting one located outside the country. Also, latency is nearly negligible as the data center is located close to the organization. This can boost user experience due to the faster loading of websites or applications. There is a growing demand for data center services in India among businesses due to a number of benefits the arrangement offers.

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