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Best Dedicated Servers In India

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  •   An ISO/IEC 27001:2013 BSI Certified Data Center
  •   99.99% Network Uptime Guaranteed
  •   Easy Manage with CPanel/WHM
  •   Linux / Windows Support
  •   24x7 Technical Support

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Dedicated Server in India

Indian Dedicated Server Hosting

A Dedicated server is a single server device where you can use an entire server for your business on a rental basis. NextraOne is one the best-dedicated server hosting providers in India, our dedicated server is a bare metal physical server dedicated to a single tenant. The whole computing power is allocated to single customer which is physically separated from another server hosted on internet. In all server you can have preinstalled Linux / Windows / Hypervisor as per your need which you can use a whole server on monthly payment basis. We assure you that you will get the cheapest dedicated server hosting in India from highly reliable service provider.

We at NextraOne, with a team of skilled ITIL Certified and Data center management professionals assure the management of Hardware/Software competently. If you are not comfortable with server management, you can go for managed dedicated service where we will take care of service uptime.

Dedicated Server Features

  • ✔ Bare metal physical server with KVM control for remote access
  • ✔ Root Access get full control over Server resource and Hardware.
  • ✔ Powerful latest Intel® Processor, Hot Swap , Rack Mounted Server
  • ✔ Redundant power supply ( RPS )
  • ✔ Multiple Hard Disk with RAID1, RAID10.
  • ✔ No overhead for purchasing or maintaining server equipment.
  • ✔ ISO 270001 certified data center and complete all round security.
  • ✔ Tier III Data center with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • ✔ 24/7 Server monitoring and highly skilled tech Support
Cheap Dedicated Server in India

Why choose a Dedicated Server Hosting with Nextraone?

24/7 Support

Our Support Team is available over Phone, Chat & Email to help with any questions you may have with your products or any technical support required.

99.99% uptime

Our servers are configured with high availability characteristics to be in tune with the critical applications uptime requirements.


Serving highly secured Servers and Infra with avoidance of any vulnerability in our system is our priority.

Hosting in India

Our data center is in Gurgaon, India. NextraOne’s Data center is connected to all level 1 ISP through high-speed fiber network which provides excellent content delivery thus it’s optimized for search engine.


What is dedicated server and who own it?

Dedicated server is a single server device provides complete access of server to single customer in rental basis where customer can host their application and get full root access on computing power of server instead of buying a server.


Can I install customize OS remotely?

Yes, you can install your OS remotely as long as your OS supports the physical hardware. Mostly we provide Intel-based server which supports modern OS and hypervisor such as Linux/ Windows, Vmware ESXi/KVM/Xen etc.


Can I have SSD drive in my dedicated server?

Yes, you can choose a hard drive such as SATA, SAS or SSD as per your need.


How many free dedicated IP I will get?

You will get 1 dedicated IP. if you need more IPs then you need to raise a request to buy it. you can also have NATed Private IP on demand.


Can I get IPV6 IP address?

Yes, if you want you can get ipv6 IP address.


How would I reboot my dedicated server?

We provide IPMI/DRAC/KVM access where you can remotely reboot, and power on/off your server else you can call our customer support/ticket to reboot your server.


What will happen in case hardware fails.

Although we have high quality servers capable of running many years without fail. Still if you face any server hardware failure, we provide hardware support from our data center and get it up and running on an immediate basis.


Can I run unlimited Hosting site and Email Account?

In dedicated server you will get full control of your server. You can run any number of site or email account as long as your server resource handles your web site load.


Do you provide control panel to manage the server?

You can manage your server via SSH/RDP. If you are not comfortable to command line or MS Windows you can go for control panel to manage the server. We provide most popular control panel such as cPanel and Plesk with additional commercials.


What is the difference between dedicated server and virtual dedicated server?

Using hypervisors such as VMware Esxi, KVM, Hyper-V one single bare metal physical dedicated server can be divided into multiple virtual dedicated server. Each virtual dedicated server can have own operating system and applications.

Virtual dedicated servers are isolated from each other with the software layer whereas a dedicated server is isolated physically giving higher security and performance. Dedicated server is a bare metal where whole computing power is dedicated to single-tenant, In the case of virtual dedicated server the computing power is shared among multiple tenants.


Do you provide backup storage with dedicated server?

It is always highly recommended to take regular backups of your dedicated server data. We provide backup space with an additional cost which can be mounted to your server where you can store backup data in a regular intervals using backup agent or shell scripts. If you want real-time recovery, talk to our experts for a disaster recovery plan where your services will be restored with data in a few minutes in event of hardware disaster.


How do I monitor my server performance?

You can monitor your server performance by login into server remotely using an OS command such as TOP/SAR or perfmon in case of windows server. If you need remote monitoring alerts you can subscribe to our NMS where you will get server status.


Nextraone's fully managed services

  • Expert technical team
  • full web server support
  • server management
  • antivirus and malware scan
Request a callback

Blog Section

Why Choose Smart Dedicated Server?

You must have heard about the servers when you have to make space for big data storage. It is the basic conversation in the field of web hosting because knowing about the server is very important. It is the time when you have to bring attention to a dedicated server. People are not aware of the fact that the use of a dedicated server will give the website an authenticate interface that supports advanced software execution, and storage. 

In simple terms, a dedicated server is a physical machine made of a bare metal server. But, when you talk about the smart dedicated serverit means that you are delivering the best features to support the business storage. While reading and searching, you will come to know that there are types of servers like CPU intensive, Memory parameters, and last but not least is smart dedicated server. With its help, you can get the best of the service that will help in promoting the business for the long run. 


For better note, let us take down some important features for the benefits of it:

  • It offers you good quality in terms of features to make the business run smoothly. The smart dedicated server gets your work done within a friction of seconds in comparison to other typical servers. 
  • In this, you can create multiple VMs based on the requirement of your business. It gives high-quality features like maximum uptime and reliability. With this, you can trust the security of data to justify the smooth run of the business. 
  • It manages the speed of the website that makes the customer experience better exposure. In today’s time, where each individual is planning to have a website needs to understand that using a smart dedicated server will take care of everything that supports the business. 




To promote the business you should get associated with reliable web hosting services. The company that gives you the entire service holds great responsibility for your work. On that note:


  • Hardware monitoring and management.

You need a dedicated server that gives you the smartness of functioning hardware monitoring and its easy management access. This will help you to strengthen the business back-end process because that will thrive to gain the customer’s trust for the long-run benefit.

  • Choice of the operating system available such as Linux or Windows etc.

 You will be getting the option to use Linux and Windows so as, to begin with, the right hosting service. During this time based on the website’s requirement gives a smart choice to act significantly. 

  • 100% SLA guaranteed enterprise-grade stability and performance.

Yes, you have read that right, if you pick the dedicated server as your data storage and website’s interface this will give you 100% SLA guaranteed enterprise. Not only that, you will be getting a stability factor and reliability for the better performance of the situation. 

  • Full "root" access and a dedicated IP address included with dedicated servers.

The use of full root access in the dedicated server makes you the boss to handle the updates in the software and manage the cPanel process. You will know more be under someone’s control to have a statement on how the dedicated server is working for you.

  • Powerful latest Intel® Processor, Hot Swap, Rack Mounted Server

With us, you will be getting the upgraded and advanced level intel processor, Hot-swap, rack-mounted server, and much more attached to the business. 

These are some of the highlights that Nextra provides to their customers, and this is not over yet. The help of good customer support has given the people a mark of trust. 


Summing up 

Knowing about the dedicated server is going to be a surplus for you because that is very popular among the big business tycoons. It is the support system that will work the best when you are ready to spend a good amount. Even if you are short on money, in the beginning, making such a decision will be beneficial for the long-run support of your work. 





An Overview of Dedicated Server Load Balancing

Is load on your server is good or bad for online business, what do you think? It is because coming traffic on your website creates a load on the server. But yes, that cause problem too if your server is not potential to handle the load. Not to worry, as you get a problem, you get a solution too.

With this, you want your business to be popular yet reliable to carry the load; Load Balancer is an option for you to place. The actual work of the load balancer is to make use of algorithms to eventually distribute the connectivity to maintain the performance and minimize crashes. The load balancer also acts as an automatic failover; therefore, it is known to be a significant tool to manage the infrastructure of the whole web hosting program.

Going to the recent observation, on April 2019, at 12:9pm approximately 4.2 billion internet users were online. The graph of increasing in using the internet is growing day by day. With this rapid increase, are you certain that your website is capable of handling the data and the traffic coming from the wide arenas? Therefore, if you are not informed about the load balancer, then here is an overview for all of you to get started without wasting any time. 


How does it impact the company?

Many people are not much aware of the term load balancer to make smart use of the server in terms of managing the traffic. The use of a balancer is to make space for each and every stance to make smooth connectivity of the user’s interest. Not only that, you must have seen in real example when you visit the website, and the message pops up server not working. The reason is obvious due to heavy traffic there is a screeching halt. 

The modest thing you can do in the beginning is to invest in purchasing the balancer to equalize the traffic. You must not sit with a frame of mind that your website is at a low pace there won’t be much problem. You never know when a technical glitch comes to give you a shock. 

You always have to remember that your business is online and that works on an affordable dedicated server, and the base is the only security. There should not be any space to make your server reach to downtime presence as it will make you lose traffic as well as money. 


Load balancer works on method


It works by engaging algorithms that further works on several methods to handle the traffic equally on the servers. 

  • Least connection Method
  • Round robin method
  • Weighted least connection method
  • Source IP hash
  • Bandwidth & packet methods
  • Least pending request
  • Custom Load
  • Checking response time method
  • URL hash

These are the significant methods to be considered to understand its working process. 


If you are using web hosting services, then you must be aware of the load balancer. It will not only make your work easy but will surely protect your website. Every website needs to process with balanced networking because it helps in managing the load when it is in high demand. Therefore, 73% of the mobile users and 38% person finding 404 in opening a website cause a huge lag in connecting customers to the service and further disrupt the digital eco-system. 


An Ultimate Guide To Servers

Servers are known as the heart of businesses because you get space to store the data and to access the data. To understand the statement, there is a lot to process because companies have come up with varieties of servers as per the website use. Whether your business is related to e-commerce, banking or a large website the demand of getting connected with a reliable server will help your business to grow with a strong base. When you have to choose between a dedicated server or virtual server people often switch on either of the two as per their website requirement and approach to the business.

Are you confused when it comes to making a decision? Because you do not know how much RAM is required? Or 4TB storage would be sufficient for you or not? Else, you need an unlimited bandwidth facility from the server. Not to worry because now you can read everything on the server. It will help you to make a decision fairly and purposefully that will be beneficial for the business.


Let us begin…

What is a SERVER??

A server is a computer wherein you can run software which you can run on a computer server. The best part about the server is that it can do more than a computer or a smartphone when it comes to handling the storage system. Its main function is to ensure the storing of data, transferring of data, and communicating with other servers to run the eco-system of digital networking successfully.

A customer looking for a server gets plenty of options to search for web hosting services. For example, counting from file, web or FTP or a game server, selection depends on business need. But, when you are specifically looking for a business point of view, then dedicated or virtual servers are the winning servers.


Dedicated and virtualized server

Both these servers are very well known when you have to make the potential use of web hosting services. These services can handle the data storage and give other relatable features of services which makes it easy for the customer to handle the online business with minimum risk of a data breach or any kind of theft.

These servers are also known as bare-metal servers, which work on physical machines. It comes with a fixed RAM, processor, and hard drive more like a computer. You can see its presentation as internet hosting which you handle the entire machine on your own with no sharing likes.

On the other hand, virtualized servers are based on dedicated servers which work virtually. In this server, you get resources like CPU, RAM, DISK, and NETWORKING that help you to manage multiple virtual servers.

On the whole, both these servers have the option of cloud computing because of their advanced features.


How can you decide?

Here are the following pointers to make your mind when it comes to deciding the best server for your business:

The virtual data servers sound perfect for websites with huge traffic as that will help in balancing the load. But in the case of a dedicated server, it remains intact even when the traffic is constant, and there is a fluctuation in the cloud servers.

If the server can handle the cloud computing services and your website requires such attention, then a dedicated server should be your call. It is because cloud servers are the potential in managing big data analytics based on hyper scalability.

If you are having an e-commerce business, app development, gaming, or handling big projects then also dedicated servers stand to be the best option.


Summing up

It is important to set your mind to the right server to accommodate your business. If you are a beginner, then a shared server is also an option, but that comes with multiple users. On the whole, to pick the best web hosting services, you need to decide based on your business requirement.

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