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Why choose Domain Registration with Nextra One

Nextra One offers you all the tools you need to make your domain registration and management simple and smooth. We offer you the steadiest structure at a reasonable price. We offer hosting service plans according to the requirements of your website. We also provide CMS hosting with WordPress, Joomla, and the likes.

Domain Forwarding

We offer you all the necessary tools that help you forward the visitors to your domain into the relevant website. We also offer tools to keep a track of all the traffic and take details on an individual level.

Privacy Protection

We make sure your user’s data is safe. We put equal focus on keeping your confidential data secure and on ensuring the security of the data of your clients. How do we do it? We protect your data via proxy the moment you register with us. We keep all important details away from hackers or any type of illegal access broadly speaking. We do all this without interfering with your activity on your domain or any feature under your domain name.

Choose from the huge list

You get to choose your domain name from an ocean of options. We offer you the best suggestions that are relevant to your website theme, products, and services. We enable the smoothest domain search tools so that you can choose the best suited name for your domain without any rush.

Domain Theft Protection

Nextra one will guard your domain from unauthorised access or transfers. Our protection is in layers impenetrable by the malware, spyware, or ransomware sites. Once you register with us, the security of your domain is our responsibility.

24/7 support

Nextra One’s expert team of professionals are here to help you with every request, be it a query or a complaint. Just dial our number or drop a mail and we will be there for assistance right away. We make sure our support team is prompt and responsive every day of the year and every hour of the day.

DNS Management

We manage the DNS records by choosing servers to host your website or part of website and transferring services from one to another server. We make sure the transition is smooth so that your website does not display any lag in performance.

Register Domain

Domain Registration Services include

Nextra One provides the powerful and easy to use tools that makes the management of domains very easy. We provide a secure and reliable structure with the most reasonable prices for domain registration and hosting options.


The web address people search your website by on a search engine is your domain name. The name of your domain can be used to find your IP address, which is a numeric address to identify your system. When the name associated with your domain is typed into the search bar, the IP address associated with it is found, thereby connecting the visitor to your website.
The name of your domain gives your business an identity. Of course it is important. Choose a very good name for your domain keeping in mind the image you want to associate with your website. Your domain will be a very important and permanent part of your brand. Along with enhancing your presence on internet, it gives your reputation a professional edge. Your audience will not only find you with the domain name provided, but they will also end up making a first impression from it.
There are top level domains like .info, .biz etc. or international domains to choose from that will suit the type of business you have. You can even buy domains that have certain restrictions on them like .gov, .edu etc. At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of business or organisation your domain represents. With the right extension, your domain registration is complete. You cannot choose any random extension for your domain so check out what every extension stands for before you choose the name. Make sure the name sounds good with the extensions you can use.
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