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Smart Dedicated Server

NextraOne is one of the leading dedicated server providers in India. Our Dedicated Servers are the perfect choice for high traffic websites and businesses that demand maximum performance, reliability, and security to enable them to maximize ROI without limits.

At NextraOne, we believe in complete turn-key solutions meaning that our managed Dedicated Server hosting comes standard with all the features you need for a successful experience. We have tailored our Dedicated Servers to cover all types of businesses including high-traffic websites and large web hosting resellers. We at NextraOne, with a team of skilled ITIL Certified and Data center management professionals, assure the management of Hardware/Software competently. If you are not comfortable with server management and windows cloud server hosting, you can go for a managed dedicated server hosting service where we will take care of service uptime.

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Our cheap price dedicated server is a bare-metal physical server exclusively dedicated to a single tenant. The whole computing power is allocated to a single customer that is physically separated from other servers hosted on the internet. In all our online servers for rent, you can have preinstalled Linux / Windows / Hypervisor as per your need which you can use a whole server on a monthly payment basis.

We assure you that you will get the cheapest dedicated server hosting in India from highly reliable and best-dedicated server providers.

Our Dedicated Servers are provisioned to minimize downtime, increases flexibility, and optimizes performance. Regardless of your situation, our Dedicated Servers provide the highest level of resources to increase the performance, reliability, and redundancy for large websites and businesses with large demands. It's our goal to take the headache out of keeping your websites online where you can focus solely on growing your business.

Features of Smart Dedicated Servers

  • Hardware monitoring and management.
  • Hardware troubleshooting, sparing and replacement.
  • Choice of operating system available such as Linux or Windows etc.
  • 100% SLA guaranteed enterprise-grade stability and performance.
  • Full "root" access and a dedicated IP address included with dedicated servers.
  • Powerful latest Intel® Processor, Hot Swap , Rack Mounted Server
  • Redundant power supply ( RPS )
  • Multiple Hard Disks with RAID1, RAID10.
  • No overhead for purchasing or maintaining server equipment.
  • ISO 270001 certified data center and complete all-round security.
  • Tier III Data center with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • 24/7 Server monitoring and highly skilled tech Support.


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    Enhanced Performance & Security

    Enterprise-level performance environment, acceleration and maximum security of your server

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    99.99% Uptime Guarantee

    We only reboot the physical hosting servers when extremely necessary, for example, to fix a hardware or network problem.

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    Enterprise-grade SSD Storage

    All our servers are equipped with enterprise-grade SSD drives. You will get much better disk performance as compared to a normal VPS on traditional hard drive storage.

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    High Performance Guaranteed

    Our dedicated server hosting is custom-built to deliver higher performance and make certain that even the most demanding web server applications run smoothly without any issues.

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    Round the clock Support

    We are here round the clock. It is guaranteed that every issue will be addressed by our 24x7 support before it affects any business operation.

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    Fully Managed Support

    All our servers are fully managed. We will completely support you with any aspect of configuring your server and the software installed on your server when it was provisioned.

why choose us

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

NextraOne provides a reliable dedicated server that's always online, regardless of the load to your website. Leveraging top-notch hardware & software on our servers has given us the unique ability to achieve 99.9% uptime. Also, we have taken every step necessary to keep your Dedicated Server online around the clock to provide your business the redundancy it depends on!

Top- Class Security

Dedicated servers are physically isolated from other customer eliminating the chance of intrusion through software bug and vulnerability. The server environment is protected with a NATed firewall and VLAN. Also, we have implemented strict security protocol and potential safety measures for data protection.

Perfect Choice for High Traffic Websites

The constantly growing online business results in high-traffic on your website. This may outgrow the usage of your shared web hosting. A dedicated server hosting will give your website the power to run quickly, reliably, and without interruption even when your site gets high traffic.

Best support

Our service includes 24x7 monitoring of your Server and Services. Providing on-site professional staff to monitor and impart assistance in case any issue arises will help in minimizing the downtime and service interruptions. It is guaranteed that every issue will be addressed by our 24x7 support before it affects any business operation.


What is a dedicated server and who owns it?

A dedicated server is a single server device provides complete access of server to a single customer in rental basis where customer can host their application and get full root access on the computing power of server instead of buying a server.


Can I have SSD drive in my dedicated server?

Yes, you can choose hard drives such as SATA, SAS or SSD as per your need.


How many free dedicated IP I will get?

You will get 1 dedicated IP. If you need more IPs then you need to raise a request to buy it. You can also have NATed Private IP on demand.


Can I get an IPV6 IP address?

Yes, if you want you can get an ipv6 IP address.


How would I reboot my dedicated server?

When you rent a server online in India from NextraOne, we provide IPMI/DRAC/KVM access where you can remotely reboot, power on/off your server else you can call our customer support/ticket to reboot your server.


What type of software can I install on my Dedicated server?

With root access, you can install any software in your dedicated server. However, we do not allow any pirated or malicious software installation in a server.


What will happen in case of hardware failures?

Although we have high-quality servers capable of running for many years without fail. Still, if you face any server hardware failure, we provide hardware support from our data center and get it up running on an immediate basis. NextraOne provides the best dedicated hosting services among the top 10 dedicated server hosting providers in India.


Can I run unlimited Hosting site and Email Account?

In a dedicated server, you will get full control of your server. You can run any number of site or email account as long as your server resource handles your web site load.


Do you provide a control panel to manage the server?

You can manage your server via SSH/RDP. If you are not comfortable with the command line or MS Windows you can go for the control panel to manage the server. We provide the most popular control panel such as cPanel and Plesk with additional commercials.


What is the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual dedicated server?

Using hypervisors such as VMware Esxi, KVM, and Hyper-V one single bare-metal physical dedicated server can be divided into multiple virtual dedicated servers. Each virtual dedicated server can have its own operating system and applications.

Virtual dedicated servers are isolated from each other with software layer whereas a dedicated server is isolated physically providing higher security and performance. A dedicated server is a bare metal server where whole computing power is dedicated to single-tenant; In the case of the virtual dedicated server, the computing power is shared among multiple tenants.


Do you provide backup storage with a dedicated server?

It is always highly recommended to take regular backup of your dedicated server data. We provide backup space with an additional cost which can be mounted to your server where you can store backup data in a regular interval using a backup agent or shell scripts. If you want real-time recovery, talk to our experts for a disaster recovery plan where your services will be restored with data in few minutes in event of hardware disaster.


How do I monitor my server performance?

You can monitor your server performance by login into the server remotely using an OS command such TOP/SAR or perfmon in case of windows server. If you need remote monitoring alerts you can subscribe to our NMS where you will get server status.


Will I have full root access to my dedicated server hosting?

Yes, you will have complete root access to your server. You will have sole control over your dedicated server.


What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting?

With dedicated server hosting, you will get full root access to the server and there will be no restriction on you to modify the configuration of software you use. In shared hosting, you do not get root access and you cannot modify any configuration of software as per your requirement.


What are the differences between dedicated server and cloud hosting features?

Cloud servers typically have a lower entry cost than dedicated servers. The choice of operating system like windows cloud server hosting or Linux is available in both the hosting. However, cloud servers lose this benefit as a company scale and require more resources. There are various cloud server providers offering AWS windows cloud hosting, but for the reliable and seamless performance of your website, you must go with dedicated server hosting.


Where to get the best features at a low dedicated server price in India?

NextraOne offers you the low cost dedicated servers that are featured with higher uptime or performance and 24/7 technical in-house support services. We have designed the best hosting packages for you that are fully managed and highly reliable. You can check out our dedicated windows server hosting price and other hosting plans in India. You will definitely get a profitable and affordable plan on the servers. We assure you that, this is the only place where you can get a dedicated server at the best available prices.

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