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The Emerging Web-Hosting Trends to Watch in 2020

‘24% of large-scale enterprises and 8% of small businesses are now using a private cloud, to host their data.’

If you are already performing a significant step towards working as an entrepreneur in this online world, then it's your time to understand another concept, which is building a good web presence for your business. 

Now, it's remote working, the affordable web hosting services play an instrumental role in building a web presence. More than 58% of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, which is the major reshaping of the industry. Thus, a good website means offering an excellent visitor experience for your website and driving more leads to your business.

Developments in the web hosting industry are moving at a pace, which is quite impossible to predict. However, having a look at a few big picture trends with a seamless flux will make it easy to characterize the market for the next coming years.

Do you know how many websites are online right now? 1691 billion that’s huge, they all need a host to set them up.

‘The web hosting industry is expected to reach 76.2 billion by 2023.’

Many of those emerging web hosting trends stem from the industry entering a phase of monotony and increased compatibility—a sign of maturity in any technology sector. If you’re looking for long-term profits for your website, then you need to work on technological advancement that is more important for the industry to keep your website updated.

As technology advances with time, we are helping you to track the major trends in website hosting that you are going to observe in 2020.

Green Web Hosting

With the world shifting towards virtual services, energy conservation has become a priority. However, we speak of Green web hosting as an eco-friendly method of hosting websites to tackle natural resource crisis.

 If you are wondering why Green web hosting is an important trend nowadays, there is a reason. Now it’s time to tell you, global usage of the internet releases a huge amount of CO2, which is equal to 31 million cars riding the arena.  Imagine a physical location where this activity takes place, which we call Data Centers. The number of carbon emissions staggers the economy. On the other hand, they deplete the ozone layer. Web hosting activities constitute depletion of power resources, but it is not acceptable to make a business run on the cost of depletion of the environment.

Green web hosting Highlights:

  • A streamlining process makes it cost-effective as compared to traditional web hosting methods.
  • Renewable Electricity Certificate (REC) is the means to demonstrate that the business is using the renewable energy source for the process of hosting.
  • Carbon Offset Certificates (VER) implement accreditation to the best web hosting companies for using eco-friendly ways of energy generation and consumption.

Cloud Hosting

The revenue from the adoption of cloud services is expected from $331 billion by 2022.

Cloud hosting has been established as an efficient platform to shop the data from one server to another. It is the most secure form of hosting that eliminates the compulsions of physical servers and has endless processing power. Cloud hosting has sustained a highly optimized stack layer to employ the security methods while the transmission of data, securing the advanced encryption to the private data. Cloud computing works on the concept of pay-as-you-go. Cloud hosting is the practice of using ‘the cloud’ to store, and process the data in the web hosting server.

Cloud Hosting Highlights:

  • The global cloud services market will be ranking $555 billion in revenues by 2020.
  • Providing access to data from anywhere is the main outline for cloud adoption.

Price Competition

As there is a spike in the demand for web hosting services, the pricing competition is also on quite a peak. The need for web hosting strategies is getting higher, and thus, more levels of web hosting are out there with high costs. Apart from the new features and security measures, the top 10 web hosting companies have started to offer tempting deals to attract new customers. The price of web hosting depends on the domain, content creation, graphic design, web development features it offers.

Pricing competition Highlights:

  • Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting in India, ranging from $3 – $10 per month.
  • There is an indicative correlation between the price of web hosting services and web server performance.

Advanced Security Protocol

The most important concern for any web hosting service provider is to keep the websites' data secure. Gone are the days when only passwords could protect the confidential information present on the website. This year a new set of protocols are introduced just like SSL certificates, HTTPS URL, and data encryptions to ensure highly protected websites.  A website requires HTTPS in its URL to give the ranking boost and Google only marked the website with HTTPS as a secure server. 

According to Acunetix’s report “Web Application Vulnerability 2019, 30% of web applications are vulnerable to XSS.

  • The most popular type of cyber-attacks is SQL injections.
  • 6.8% of the top 1 million sites use SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0

Way forward:

Web hosting has already transformed the digital working of many industries, it has already started to incorporate and influence many websites around the world by keeping a few factors altogether. As the web hosting industry is still working to develop and adapt to the dynamic digital market, all the trends we have mentioned here are based on the changes the business is doing to observe in 2020-21.


Author: Khyati Arora

Khyati Arora, an avid bibliophile who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff, and web development. Owing to her interest, she has been working as a “Content Specialist” at NextraOne. Being a Journalism graduate, she has a flair for technical writing but also likes to dabble in fiction and poetry. She is a voracious reader and loves to try new things.

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