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Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting Explained

Cloud hosting is a convenient way for companies to make use of extensive computing resources without setting up any equipment. With cloud web hosting, clients can make use of as little resources or as many resources as they like. This scalability can result in a lot of cost savings as companies never pay for more than they use. Also, further capacity is available whenever you need it.

There are basically two types of cloud infrastructure; the key difference is who controls the computing power and whether it is shared. Indeed, most cloud hosting India services are public cloud services. This means the computing power is fully shared and simply divided according to the requirements of each client.

Understanding public and private clouds?

Public clouds make use of security & data splitting measures to ensure data is not shared. Clients can’t access each other’s data. Since the cloud platform management software ensures data is private at all times. Working with the public cloud is absolutely fine for most purposes.

On the contrary, the private cloud is even much more secure and a potentially good option where privacy is a concern. With a private cloud, the cloud platform management service ring-fences certain resources on the network, including physical computers, just for a particular client.

Private clouds can be hosted off-site with a cloud provider, or on-premise with the client. In either case, a private cloud provides most of the same scalability and flexibility that cloud services are known for.

Dedicated servers vs cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is similar to clustered hosting where many websites are hosted across a range of servers. On the other hand, cloud hosting uses a much bigger array of servers and vast data centers often come in play when it comes to hosting in the cloud. in actual fact, your website may perhaps be hosted in data centers in diverse locations to enable redundancy.

Understanding PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) and IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-service)

In the case of PaaS provision, the service provider will give client access to both the software environment they need as well as the hardware behind the software. In other words, the clients have access to an entire platform as a service as and when required. PaaS is typically convenient to use than IaaS and appropriate for clients who are not highly equipped with technical skills.

IaaS is a less comprehensive cloud offering. Cloud hosting Providers don’t include any software with IaaS. As a substitute, a service provider will basically allow access to hardware resources, often virtualized server resources. Clients are responsible for installing their own software when required. IaaS can be more customizable option because clients have full control over the software. And so it is perfect for more complex IT projects that experienced IT professionals run.

Features and benefits of cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting has several benefits which are why so many have adopted it over the last few years.

It’s reliable

Hosting a website on an individual server can be risky because the entire website can fail if just one component on the server fails. Cloud hosting services can run in a virtualized state with redundancy arrangements preventing any particular point of failure from crashing a website. Even though a single server goes offline, the cloud will continue to pull resources from the rest of the network.

Equipment is physically safe & secure

It takes lots of effort to defend equipment form physical interference at times. But in the cloud hosting, there’s no physical security issue because cloud equipment is hosted in highly secure data centers, often in remote locations.

Cloud scales easily

It’s very easy to scale up the provision of cloud hosting plans and services. Any particular client is only using a small fraction of the resources in a cloud data center. So service providers can easily provision additional resources if a client requires. If a website is experiencing a hike in traffic, it’s easy to increase available resources.

Pay as you use with cloud web hosting

Hosting a website on a dedicated server often means that clients pay for more resources than they use. With cloud services you only pay for the resources which you are actually using. So many providers of cloud web hosting bill companies for the exact amount of resources they’re using.

Instant load balancing

Cloud hosting service providers usually have very large infrastructure networks, consisting of thousands of physical servers, distributed over many locations. If any website experiences a sudden increase in demand, a cloud service provider can simply distribute the load across servers & locations. Thus, making sure anyone in every geographical location will have instant access to the website’s resources.

Cloud platform management

The right cloud platform management software is the key to efficient cloud service management as the admin facilities behind the software will be in regular use. Plesk Onyx is perfect for the role of the best cloud hosting India platform because it simplifies all sorts of automation & scaling tasks.

Plesk has certifications with Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and supports Windows/Linux operating systems. It’s worth mentioning integrated WordPress and Joomla Support with the help of WordPress and Joomla Toolkits, both included in Plesk’s extension ecosystem.

Best Cloud Hosting company in India

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