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The fun begins when you decide to go in-depth with technology. It is a layered platform where you get to know about many things that not only help in gaining your knowledge but help in shaping your business. When we talk about online business, there are many things that strike in our heads. For example websites, web hosting services, a dedicated server, and much more. Having these terms on tips can lead you to a successful online business.


As the online platform is for everyone, from the common man to big business billionaires are holding a good lot of revenue from just running a website. Yes, it is true. The reason is that it is easy to access, reachable to a wider audience, and saves your time and money. What better idea than to have a website of your own (?). This is the question that comes to every person’s mind because having a side business is a friend indeed.


On the whole, with an enhancing and growing platform of online business, you must know what lies behind it. The idea of knowing about which hosting is better for the business like VPS or Linux you should have a fair understanding of it. Also, if your website is catching good traffic, is your server supporting to every update that needs to be checked.


Know more about it….

Hosting helps your website to run smoothly, sets maximum up-time, and manages the bandwidth that promotes giving a better user experience. Servers are known to be the heart of the online business because it carries the space to store massive data and backup security. There are many hosting plans to support your business based on your spending budget and the business, picking the right one is very important.


Let us begin when you need VPS Hosting


It is sure that your interest in executing the business lies in making the right decision. To begin with, a cheap VPS hosting plan which describes as a virtual private server that gives you multiple features, for example, reliability, dedicated resources, increased efficiency, saves money, and manageable services. The plan is best suited for informative websites that store calculative forms and eCommerce websites. This gives you the manageable performance to handle the traffic and customer data efficiently.


This hosting plan gives you the perks of having a dedicated server in specific. As you know with many advantages having some disadvantages helps to make you alert. It comes at a cost-consuming plan in comparison to the shared hosting otherwise the money justifies the benefits you get in the affordable web hosting plan. This is needed to be taken into consideration that some VPS plans do not allow to allocate the resources appropriately which causes a problem at the most needed time. If you come across any server issues, it will directly impact the other websites arranged in a line. Therefore, you need to be particular in arranging the best of the interest in functioning smart interest


Linux Hosting Plan

Here comes another hosting plan that is described in arranging the best of interest. It provides you various benefits when you compare it with the windows system. The service which supports your business has a high level of security. The companies that opt for the Linux hosting service always fall for the reliability factor and affordable pricing. It is best suited for every business person for example small to big enterprises like freelancers, web developers, new businesses, and much more.


Here is what NextraOne service on hosting has for you in Linux plan:


Combo Hosting Pack

cPanel + Domain + Email + SSL

· ?   FREE Domain.Com/.In

· ?   FREE 5 Email

· ?   FREE SSL Certificate

This is the popular hosting plan, which is taken by beginners to understand how the right hosting is beneficial for the online boost.


Dedicated server

As the name suggests, you get the space where you do not have to worry much about the data. The promising feature of the server is to store the data and give you backup security at the time of a virus attack. But apart from this prime feature, you get many other reasons to use the dedicated server that services your business and impacts the results.



Based on the records of the dedicated server, it comes out that 40% of the shoppers do not entertain the website if it takes time to open a particular page. With the help of a dedicated server, you get fast–loading and authentic performance in giving the best of the result.



It improves the ranking because it focuses on one website which promotes more attention in terms of faster processing and immediate transactions to happen. With the increase of load time, you automatically boost the conversation rate. Therefore, with dedicated apparatus, the server attends everything in the best way.


You get massive storage capacity which is beneficial for the business performing. It is important to be very particular in dedicated features because it maintains the grip of the business. If you are a growing company it means that customers create more demand on the website. If you use a shared server your website might come across slow-loading glitches.



The need for the service depends on the type of business you are going to run. The second factor comes is the investment you are going to make in the business. If you think going for cheap VPS hosting is suitable for your business the nextraone's customer support is there for you. By directly connecting to the service, you can anytime start an online chain for a successful business.


Thank you.



Author: Prakriti Kanojia

Prakriti Kanojia, an avid bibliophile who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff, and web development. Owing to her interest, she has been working as a “Content Specialist” at NextraOne. Being a LSR Graduate, she has a flair for technical writing but also likes to dabble in fiction and poetry. She is a voracious reader and loves to try new things.

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